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    Scholar Job Adjustments Non-existant?

    I've been through the topics under Implemented/[devxxxx]Job Adjustments for the entire year, and didn't see scholar mentioned once.

    What plans do the Devs have for Scholars?

    Can we have a pair of pants, with "Converts x% of 'Cure' amount to MP?"
    Can we use the ability: Afflatus Solace when using WHM as a subjob?
    How about an increase in the potency of Adloquium?
    How about a shorter stratagem recast, and higher total # of stratagems?
    How about some dual element spells?
    How about a spell that gives TP bonus?
    How about a spell that gives elemental affinity based on weather?
    Those were just a few suggestions, amidst the ocean of sch forum.

    Sorry if the tag was incorrectly used, it was the only one I thought relevant to the topic.

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    General Adjustments:
    -When "Enlightenment" is activated, both Grimoires are optimized and any Black or White Magic spell cast receives their respective 'Arts' bonus. So if I'm in Dark Arts, but use Enlightenment and cast Cure IV, the Cure IV will be cast as if I'm under "Light Arts", thus I'd get a bonus to casting speed/MP cost, Healing Skill, etc. Special 'Arts' bonuses to specific spells would also carry over under Enlightenment. For example, if I cast Regen V under Dark Arts but use Enlightenment, I would receive a bonus to Regen potency. Basically Enlightenment would be as if casting a spell across strategems, not just for Addendum spells, but for any black or white magic spell.

    -Under "Tabula Rasa", Adloquium should receive a bonus such that it grants 20TP/tick. This would still be less than half the potency of Embrava, back when it had 50TP/tick, and I don't think it would make SCH as powerful with Embrava as it once was.

    Spell for both SCH and RDM since we don't have Cure V consider this idea for a spell:

    (Divine Magic)
    Increases potency of cure effects received (potency of effect depends on Divine Skill)
    Single target party spell, compatible with Accession.

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