Type of Internet Connection:Cable
Internet Connection Speed:
Date & Time:11/18/14 around 12pm
Character Name:Taruun
Main Job:White Mage
Support Job:Black Mage
Area and Coordinates:
Party or Solo:Party
NPC Name:None
Monster Name:None
1. Selected RoE quest
2.Healed a party member with cure 4 and 5 multiple times but objective did not count it
3.However, MNK healed themselves with Chakra for over 500 hp, objective counted that.
4. While regular heals seemed to not count, Curaga IV seemed to count once and multiple times randomly over the times I casted it on party members
5. At end of the party, did count a Cure V for the objective.

This is not the first time I've had this happen to me, I usually try to do this objective when involved with high tier fights (AA, etc) but when I tried it about a week ago, did not work and thought maybe the objective couldn't be done anymore in the high tier fights. However, today's occurrence happened in Valkurm Dunes, during Unity Wanted objective, and couldn't fulfill objective during VW Celaeno fight in Dangruf Wadi.