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    PlayOnline Crash while fishing

    Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate
    ISP: Time Warner
    Type of Internet Connection: broadband
    Internet Connection Speed: 50 Mb/s
    Date & Time: October 6th 9 am - 7 pm CDT
    Frequency: four times
    Character Name: Yolteotl
    Race: Tarutaru
    World: Ragnarok
    Main Job: Thief lvl 99
    Support Job: Dancer
    Area and Coordinates: Talacca Cove, West Sarutabaruta, Bubumiru Peninsula, Nashmau
    Party or Solo: solo
    NPC Name: None


    While fishing, playonline crashed during fishing, while reeling in a fish using the new system. I was wearing Fisherman's Tunica, Fisher's Torque, Waders, Fisherman's Gloves, Fisherman's Hose, Fisher's Rope and a Pelican Ring, the ring's effects were active at the time of the crashes. It crashed four times, every time while reeling in a fish. Also, Every time the game crashed, the camera was behind my character. The RoE quests Mutiple Small Fish, Multiple Big Fish, Total Catches (Anywhere), Total Catches (Saltwater), Total Catches (Freshwater) were active.

    Based on the forums this bug has persisted since March but the previous bug thread is closed. Previous but closed thread

    Third party programmers (Windower) have already found a fix for this a long time ago, but I refuse to use Third Party programs
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