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    Dark Knight Ever Going to be Useful Again

    I know, nobody wants to read another DRK crying post, but I feel like SE is really hanging us out to dry here. Great Swords are our current weapon of choice, unless you're using liberator, and that's a helluva task to get. With this in mind, we look at our great sword options. Why is it that weapons like Crobaci +2 and Tunglmyrkvi are getting 228 skill while other weapons of the same tier get much higher skill?

    I'm sure there was a point before I played that DRK must have been real cool, but is SE planning on doing anything to make DRK competitive again? This job, similar to DRG, is pretty reliant on sinking months of time into it to become even slightly competitive with other DDs like Monk and Samurai. Maybe give us a reason to cast magic? Maybe give us a little help in the gear department? Maybe give us anything that isn't what you're giving us now, being weapons below the required level of skill to remain useful.

    Edit: By sinking months of time, I mean creating a weapon along the lines of Ragnarok or Liberator.
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