Hunter's Roll should, in addition to boosting Accuracy and Ranged Accuracy, should also boost Pet Accuracy and Pet Ranged Accuracy. Chaos Roll should, in addition to boosting Attack and Ranged Attack, shoud also boost Pet Attack and Pet Ranged Attack.

Rationale: I have never in my entire FFXI career have EVER seen Corsair use Drachen Roll or Puppet Roll because the pet are a small % of the master's total damage and 99.9% of the time Chaos ROll and Hunter Roll to boost the master's attributes far outweighs boosting the pet's. So in an effort to increase pet att/acc in high level hard content, Chaos and Hunter Rolls should give the usual bonus they grant to players, but extend it to pets as well. Pets can't receive typical buffs from mages but should make an exception to Rolls and Songs. Let the rolls and songs hit the player as usual but have the buffs extend to the pet(similar to how a PUP or BST receives the effect of Drachen Roll, not the pet itself, yet the pet's stats increase anyway.

Further, these changes should also be reflected in all Bard songs. There is a dearth of equipment that boosts pet stats AND player stats and a pet job should not have to choose. There are like 2 pieces of gear in the game that boost Wyvern Haste, why not allow our Wyvern to be hit with Marches? I understand we have Empathy to copy buffs but Spirit Link is quite dangerous to use mid fight. Even with 10/10 capped Job Points to reduce the damage it deals to me when casting it, it still takes a good 500-600 HP from me.