I see this bug is in the accepted bugs, and has been since earlier this year, but it is still present and effects me on a daily basis. Since I'm unable to reply to that thread, for some reason, I'm posting a new one here.

Platform: Windows
Type of Internet Connection: fiber optic
Internet Connection Speed: 20mb
Date & Time: August 19th, 2014 @ 4:50pm CST
Frequency: Daily when fishing, but occurs at random
Character Name: Drklighter
Race: Hume
World: Cerberus
Main Job: Beastmaster lvl 99
Support Job: Dancer
Area and Coordinates: Talacca Cove, no coordinates here, no map
Party or Solo: solo
NPC Name: None


Returned recently to FFXI to finish some storylines and try to finish fishing to 100+. I fish daily in Talacca Cove and am now at 73 fishing (returned at 53 fishing); however, each time I fish I know that I will eventually crash at some point. It is only a matter of time. I may use one charge on a pelican ring, or I may use 3 before it happens, but it always happens. I saw the bug report here and that it was in accepted bugs so I figured it would be addressed. Honestly, I am disappointed this has still not been taken care of. Seems like a minor fix to a minor problem and there have been several updates since this was accepted as a bug. Please fix this issue. I'm always scared to use a charge on the pelican ring because, like what just happened 10 minutes ago, I may crash within 1-2 casts after using it rendering it wasted.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Have a nice day