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    (dev1227) Penury Job points

    Good day dev Team

    Since Bluemage category recieved Feedback, i have hope the same can be done for Scholar.

    The jobpoint category that will boost macc for Penury is in my eyes almost worthless. We have Focalization already. I personally only use Penury under 3 circumstances.

    1.) Embravaga
    2.) Impact
    3.) very rare circumstance, when im low on MP, which is very rare on SCH/RDM with sublimation, occult acumen (Myrkyr) , convert, and occasionally Bard.

    So i dont really see any use for macc on an ability i barely use. Why not put the macc as a boost on focalization? Or allow us to boost Helixes further ( just a suggestion).

    Feel free to discuss.

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    I can see your argument, but I feel it's useful in its own way. Do remember not every SCH is played the same way yours is; some may switch weapons for Refresh from Bole or Owleyes, so won't be able to get TP for Myrkr, for example, so may use the strategem to conserve some MP from time to time and get a minor bonus out of it. Anyway, since it's Penury/Parsimony, it works for either Light/Dark Arts. For Light Arts? Yeah it's kinda so-so unless you need just a little nudge over the threshold for an enfeeble or something. But where this shines is in Dark Arts; that's extra M.acc for a nuke if you're willing to pop a strat, which combined with Focalization can again nudge you over a close threshold while also saving you some MP. Put it on Impact and you have less chance of short stat down durations. Pop it on a helix to ensure it does good damage to last with the duration, etc.

    Granted, for rule of thumb, It's Situational (tm). But that fits the spirit of Job Points pretty well: small, situational boosts that are not necessary but do provide at least a bonus of some small benefit.
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