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Nope you are exactly the opposite of correct. WAR and MNK were designed specifically as Tanks. MNK gets nothing to help it DD until past 75 but Focus and kick attacks, with almost everything being defensive. (HP bonus, counter, subtle blow, chakra, mantra.) Half of it's abilities don't even work unless it's tanking. (Counter, counterstance, perfect counter, dodge.) And WAR was the designated tank until PLD was added. (Provoke and defender are WAR abilities not PLD's.) SAM was designed as a tank as well, between heavy armor, high evasion, highest parry until COR and RUN, third eye, rice balls all giving DEF, and every SAM enemy and NPC being incredibly tanky. Zanshin was even to make up for the low ACC of tanking gear, and store tp for the low damage in tanking gear.

And NIN was a DD, but we reversed them. And SE has been throwing more and more stuff at them to try and turn that around since then. Seigan, Tactical Guard, Overwhelm, Inner strength, retaliation, etc. (Did you know Seigan is both shadows AND counterstance with no DEF penalty now? It's insane!) Giving the rest of these jobs HP bonus is just yet another step to trying to get them back into tanking. A step from the same people that thought giving WAR fencer and shield defense bonus would get them to tank, but a step none the less.

Back on topic, at least RUN isn't on the magian weapons as an excuse. GEO on the other hand is on all the magian staves and clubs. For crying out loud they are on the fake, WS only empyrian, but can't use dagan once you unlock it! (I didn't bother to check if they could use the WS with the fake empyrian equipped, but if they can equip it it aught to work, dudes.) It's not like rudra's storm was made DNC only after you unlock it.

It really ought to work for anyone who can equip that weapon type across the board. Quietus for instance, is a MND based WS that ignores defense, usable only by a job with terrible MND, and that has enough attack for defense ignorable to be pointless. But BST has the second best MND in the game and is constantly lacking attack, a match made in heaven, but no dice. And who really would suffer if THF could use Wildfire, (an elemental WS not based on weapon damage, since they have terrible ranged weapon selection) or COR could use Trueflight? (Leaden Salute but for light skillchains instead of darkness.)
1. noones asking to make the empy WSs accessable across all jobs.
2. This is about giving 2 jobs a WS they lack compared to other jobs, their WS list is missing 1 WS when compareing them to other jobs in comparable situations. RUN and GEO got their "mythic" WS like the other jobs, but since empy WSs are now questable, it shouldnt be a surprise that RUN and GEO should get the possibility to quest the empy WS on their respectiv Weaponclasses they have mastered: RUN Greatsword, GEO Clubs. If you compare other Jobs WS option list on their Master-Weaponclass you allways see that GEO and RUN are lacking 1 WS in their respectiv Master- Weaponclass list.

@Arbalest: noones saying that Dimidiation is bad, its a very great WS. Its about adding another option for SC setups.