I would like to see magic critical hits offer some sort of boon other than the anemic base 10 magic attack bonus. At best I can expect to receive 40 magic attack bonus from a magic critical hit, which is incredibly weak when each of the hagondes gear slots offer 30 MAB at all times. Magic critical hits could offer a benefit of Occ. maximizes magic accuracy, +magic damage, no enmity generated, 5% damage increase, no mp cost, enhanced occult accumen, a status ailment associated with the element of spell, etc.

Unfortunately magic critical hits have not faired well in the meteoric rise to 119 as other traits have. The effect is not worth considering for support roles to bestow onto magical attackers, the effect is almost negligible at its highest enhancement value. I hope the development team can consider boosting the effect of this trait that could benefit the following jobs; BLM, RDM, WHM, PLD, DRK, BLU, PUP, SCH, GEO. Since so many jobs have access to Divine, Elemental, and Blue magic, this trait could have far reaching effects for many different jobs simultaneously if it were well implemented.