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    Home Point teleportation problem!

    So I log in today and see shouts for wildskeeper reives, and I decide to go... only my home points won't warp me to Eastern Ubulka anymore! (The choices now stop at Ronfaure Front)

    I shutdown and restarted, and same thing. I asked around to see if anyone else had the same problem, and a character named Agentbling had the same problem!

    I checked my secondary character "Pkatsumoto", and she is able to use home point teleports to Eastern Ubulka just fine.
    Then I checked one more time just now on "Radicaldreamer" and nope, my options still don't show Eastern Ubulka.

    Maybe this belongs in the bugs section and not tech support..
    Please fix this!
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    I just encountered this same issue today on my character. I put in a ticket to support but no word back as yet. I tried exactly what you did too, re-log and even restart but it won't show the other destinations.