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    Dancer Job Points

    Things that we will realistically get at some point:
    * Flourish enhancements (Probably specific to each flourish)
    * Further Step enhancements (possibly specific to each step)
    * Samba enhancements (possibly specific to the Samba classes)

    General Rules:
    1. These changes are unlikely to fundamentally alter our ability mechanisms, like extending Samba to the entire alliance.
    2. They are likely to offer some minor benefit, like increased attack during Striking Flourish.
    3. They have 30 upgrades planned, so whatever benefit they give has to still be reasonable when multiplied by 30. So, Attack+5 isn't just Attack+5, it's Attack+150 when capped.
    4. There is also space in the API for another 28 of these, so there isn't some close and limiting cap on the number of job point options to worry about.

    **** February 2015 Update ****
    SE enhanced Flourishes I almost consistently with my predictions. For some reason I didn't make any predictions involving Waltzes at all, so they snuck that one by me. They have also introduced Gifts since I made this post, which open up an avenue for them to make adjustments that can't be safely multiplied by 30. Now I'm updating my list in an attempt to predict our other ones that we'll get later this month.

    Current examples:
    1. Trance - +100 TP per JP level
    2. Grand Pas - +1 base damage per JP level
    3. Sambas - +2 seconds duration per JP level
    4. Steps - +1 second duration per JP level
    5. Waltz Potency - +2 HP Healed per JP level
    6. Flourishes I - Animated Flourish Enmity+10, Desperate Flourish physical Acc +1, Violent Flourish additional effect acc +1 per JP level

    As such, here's a list of what I'd like to see that I think is realistic given the above examples:

    Flourishes II:
    1. Reverse Flourish - Chance of not consuming Finishing Moves +1% per JP level
    2. Building Flourish - Attack +5 per JP level
    3. Wild Flourish - Skillchain damage +1% per JP level

    Flourishes III:
    1. Climactic Flourish - Critical Hit Damage +1% per JP level
    2. Striking Flourish - Critical Hit Rate +1% per JP level
    3. Ternary Flourish - Base damage +1 per JP level

    Steps: When it comes to steps, SE has hogtied themselves with rule #3. They can't do anything about step potency using job points, because any change to steps multiplied by 30 is broken. Here are some examples, and I doubt any of these will be implemented:
    1. Quickstep - First step potency Evasion -1 per JP level
    2. Box Step - First step potency Defense -1/256 per JP level
    3. Stutter Step - First step potency Magic Evasion -1 per JP level
    4. Feather Step - Critical Defense Bonus -1% per JP level

    SE is much more likely to stick to general Step changes with Job Points and do the main Step potency adjusting outside of job points. This does not leave them with much left to adjust:
    1. TP Cost - Give -10 TP cost per JP. When the TP cost goes negative (above level 10), start giving TP for each step.

    Sambas: Sambas have kind of a similar problem to Steps, except that potency in their case isn't *that* big of a deal. Also, the possibility of SE giving them random additional traits.
    1. Sambas - Daze Duration +2 seconds per JP level.
    2. Sambas - Regain +1 for the dancer (maximum of +30 TP/tick out of 3000) per JP level.
    3. Haste Samba - Attack +3 for the dancer per JP level.
    4. Aspir Sambas - MP recovered +2% for everyone per JP level.
    5. Drain Sambas - HP Recovered +2% for everyone per JP level.
    6. Haste Samba - Job Ability Haste +0.5% for everyone per JP level.

    Waltzes: I honestly think that Waltzes won't be adjusted further. If they were going to be adjusted, perhaps:
    1. Waltzes - MP restoral +1%. Waltz restores 1% of the HP it would have healed as MP.

    One-off Job Abilities: It is possible that SE is going to implement adjustments to some of our one-off job abilities. It seems unlikely to me that they will adjust merit abilities through Job Points, because it would logically link the two systems. They might do it, though, so I'm going to include them anyway!
    1. Contradance - Enmity -2 per JP level.
    2. Presto - Step Accuracy +3 per JP level.
    3. Fan Dance - Defense +5 per JP level.
    4. Saber Dance - Attack+3 per JP level.
    5. No Foot Rise - TP+10 on use per JP level.

    So yeah, what do you guys think we'll actually get?
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    I'd LIKE extended duration to Fan and Saber dances, or increased total damage blocked or something, something that makes the HP drained from a Mob actual damage that reduces HP, a TP drain Samba would be sweet, anything to boost damage to the actual hits instead of just increasing the speed for DPS, being an Elf accuracy is always nice (honestly, sometimes feels like I can't hit the ground falling down). A passive Regain during downtime, like 10/tic like pups can get for their autos, those kind of things. Oh, and a major Subtle Blow effect.

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    Updated this in anticipation of February's Job Point categories.