Now I come here today to bring this topic in a setting to request Light Armor A.K.A Jerkin Sets to become accessible for Geomancer for the following reasons:
  • Has higher defense.
  • some still carries magic accuracy and magic evasion.
  • some also still carry elemental effects which are benificial to elemental spells.

Now granted this list is based of of my point of view and my point of view is that of a returning player who plays the game solo and enjoys playing solo. I understand some sets are specific to certain classes, which I can fully understand. On the other hand there are some Jerkin sets which Bard and Corsair use that do cater to that support role.

Q:How would this effect a players role in a party setting?
1. It wouldn't, the stat changes are so miniscule to add jerkins into the Geomancers armor list that for party goers that it wouldn't even matter to change their course.

A new sun is rising in Vana'diel for solo players and small party players. This is true , Fellows, Trust, EXP Ring, FoV, etc. all to help those who are waiting for parties. Anyways off topic. GEOMANCERS!. JERKINS!.
Q:How does this affect me as a solo player?
1. Great question me!
2. obviously as support have more figther types npc's and one healer and run a train of enfeebling and damage on that bad boy enemy who ever it maybe. From time to time you will generate hate because of pure geomancer awsomeness.

This is all the more reason why a Jerkin for a solo geomancer would be required as it would have the higher def. (mind you not that high) needed. Overall jerkins will not change everything in gameplay and will maybe add alittle cosmedic look to the job for some people. As a solo player my self I truley beleive this will help add a new fighting style to the Geomancer.
Thank you.