• A new type of objective--daily objectives--will be introduced.
    Daily objectives may be attempted once per day, and completing them will reward players with A.M.A.N. vouchers and other types of bounties.

    The following three daily objectives are scheduled to be implemented in the coming version upate.
    • Vanquish Multiple Enemies
      Defeat the requisite number of experience-yielding enemies.
    • Buff Allies
      Buff a party member or alliance member other than yourself the requisite number of times.
    • Heal for X+ HP
      Heal a party or alliance member other than yourself for X or more HP the requisite number of times.
    * Daily objectives will reset at Japanese midnight.
    * Daily objectives do not count toward the total number of objectives a player has completed.
  • Tutorialesque synthesis-related objectives will be introduced, including speaking with guildmasters and synthesizing particular items a requisite number of times.
  • Fishing-related objectives will be introduced for reeling in catches in fresh water, in salt water, using various fishing rods, and under other specific conditions.

    Additional fishing objectives are planned for subsequent version updates.
If you wish to discuss or submit feedback on this topic, please use the [dev1212] tag.