Greetings, people of the forum! I've recently returned to the world of Vana'diel after having been away since 2003, so obviously things have changed quite a bit. I've been enjoying myself so far, and find the old school flavor with subtle streamlined spices to be just awesome. That being said, I feel like I'd enjoy it that much more if I had some people to share my experiences with in-game!

I'm an avid fan of the Final Fantasy series as a whole, so I'm always up for any sort of discussion on that front. I'm also interested in mastering XI a little bit more, really figuring out its nuances and such, so if you enjoy taking someone under you wing: I'm your guy. Plus, I'm just awesome company, so there's that.

So, please, feel free to add me/message me/whatever – the character I'm frequenting is Alendren. And if you happen to know of any linkshells that are looking for fresh new faces, please let me know!

Thank you for time and consideration.