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    New Alter Egos and Quests Ideas

    First off, I love Alter Ego's they have given new life to this game for casual players like me who just want to enjoy the wonderful stories of Vana Diel and not have to worry about how others are playing or trying to find a party. Trust Magic really gives the player the ability to customize their own party to how they want to play. I can not say enough good things about this.

    I have here some ideas for more Alter Ego's in the game and this would allow for people to get a deeper look and love for each character. I hope you will consider any of these.

    Reference: FFXIclopedia Page

    Alter Ego Stats:
    Name- Phoochuchu
    Race- Tarutaru Female
    Location- Mhaura
    Combat Style- Melee
    Summon quote- "Time to crush our enemies."
    Death quote- "Impossy-wossible..."
    Dismissal quote- "You will call me again, you'll need me."

    Quest Basic Idea
    : For along time a Phoochuchu has wanted a treasure that is hidden in Ro'Maeve but the Key for the treasure room was rumored to be in The Sanctuary of Zi'tah. If you can find the treasure Phoochuchu will allow you to summon her for battle.

    Gu'Zho Thunderblade
    Reference: FFXIclopedia Page

    Alter Ego Stats:
    Name- Gu'Zho Thunderblade
    Race- Quadav
    Location- Oldton Movalpolos
    Combat Style- Tank
    Summon quote- "Finally a job."
    Death quote- "I ~ need to ~ rest""
    Dismissal quote- "I'm still getting paid right?"

    Basic Quest Idea: He will allow you to use his alter ego if you pay him 50,000 gil or retrive a Mithran Scimitar from Da'Dha Hundredmask, who stole it from Thunderblade in Beadeaux back when he was still a general.

    Reference:FFXIclopedia Page

    Alter Ego Stats:
    Name- Flit
    Race- Imp
    Location- The Ashu Talif
    Combat Style- Offensive Caster
    Summon quote- "What do you require from Flit?"
    Death quote- "Flit~ can't ~ die..."
    Dismissal quote- "To Prince Luzaf's side I return"

    Basic Quest Idea: Must have Prince Luzaf alter ego to obtain Flit's Alter Ego.

    Reference:FFXIclopedia Page

    Alter Ego Stats:
    Name- Laila
    Race- Hume
    Location- Upper Jeuno
    Combat Style- Support
    Summon quote- "I, Laila am here to help."
    Death quote- "The music will never end."
    Dismissal quote- "Fine, Ill be ready when you need me again."

    Basic Quest Idea
    : Must have finished the quest "Lakeside Minuet".
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    I'd like to see a cactrot alter ego, along the same vein as Moogle and Sakura. I, for one, like alter egos that provide some sort of constant effect and can't be killed, and having even movement speed +8% all the time on never hurt anybody. At the very least, it isn't game-breaking like a regain one or synthesis skill one might be. I imagine this would take scylds and require another alter ego event to acquire, and I'm OK with that.

    Although on that note, a lot could be done in regards to the various crafting professions if guild points were used to get their alter egos. I imagine if this is the direction they're taking, we're in for a whole lot of new ones as time goes on.