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    Old player returning with new account.

    Hello to all who take a minute to read this.

    I played FFXI till about ToAU on a shared account. Ive yet to find an MMO that ive enjoyed as much as this so i want to come back and play again.

    I made a character on Ragnarok and looking for an active LS to call home. Ill be playing a lot and would love so minds to pick while things still come back to me as it has been a VERY long time since ive played and im sure its very different.

    Please message me in game or just reply to my post! My characters name is Desimuss
    Hope to meet some of you soon!

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    I can help you with that! My LS is called Destinywarriors, and like yourself I have also returned after a long, RL haiatus. I can promise you will find a permanent home amongst very helpful and dedicated players like myself, who are always looking for recruits! My in game name is Galvaera, I will send you a pearl shortly if you are online!