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I agree with you people. While I don't have the empy knife, I do have the 119 empy staff. It has no purpose. One can equip the AA taru staff, after unlocking a WoE or a 90 empy. Get all the same benefits of a 119. And in the case of the Taru staff, a soothslayers staff, skirmish 2.0 staff, they get INT, MAB, MP.

IN the empys case they should increased the WS dmg 30-40%, or in the staves case incrased JT occult, or aftermath or refresh, regen, or Magic burst bonus, something. This would also apply to a whm dagen club. Totally useless to 119. I really don't even know why most people make empys now. If a relic can have the weapon skill, most work better with a relic, or mythic.
THANK YOU. This is what i was expecting when i created this thread- I wanted to hear from other people that had their REMs get screwed over by the jump to 119. After looking over most of the weapons, i've noticed that its mostly Empy's they turned into trash... But if we can bring enough attention to it i'm hoping we can at least get a response from a rep.