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    Pets and healing/buffing.

    Hello, everyone.

    While recent adjustments have made pet jobs (bar Puppetmaster) more useful for damage in general, I was wondering if there are any plans to make supporting pets easier as well.

    As it stands, pets are extremely fragile. In any situation where a monster uses a remotely damaging AoE attack in succession, pets that their masters rely upon are dispatched leaving their overall effectiveness crippled.

    Puppetmasters must use Repair with a long timer, healing Blood Pacts come once every 40-60 seconds and are generally underwhelming, Reward has an even longer timer than Repair, and to my knowledge, Steady Wing's usefulness is dubious at best due to the recast.

    When these timers are down and large amounts of damage occur, these pets will usually be defeated quickly, with nothing you can do about it, unless you clog your inventory with other healing items. The job ability recast for calling pets is far too long considering how easily they are defeated.

    My question is this:

    Is it possible for the development team to allow Familiars/Avatars/Automatons/Wyverns to be healed and buffed by players in the same party or alliance?

    I feel that this common suggestion may be a way to allow pet jobs to have more flexibility in a party role as support or a damage dealer. Letting pets receive the effects of player-cast Cures/Waltzes, Protect, Shell, Regen, Refresh, Haste, Sambas, and Barspells would allow pets to survive longer/deal more damage and make pet jobs more popular for higher level events and endgame.

    With all the changes recently, I believe this adjustment is far overdue. As it stands, Trust NPC's can be affected by all of the above, in addition to rapidly regaining health and mana when outside of battle, whereas a pet's health is tied to a 1-5 minute timer (as well as self-healing in the case of the Automaton) or specialty inventory-clogging items.

    Here's hoping that something can be done. Thank you for reading.
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