• The following new abilities have been added to the Rune Fencer job.
    • Swipe
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      Consumes one rune* to deal elemental damage to the target.
      * The most recently applied rune will be consumed.
    • Vivacious Pulse
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      Restores the caster’s HP.
      * When cast with a rune active, the amount healed will be modified by types of rune(s) harbored. Using this ability does not consume any runes.
  • The following job trait has been added:
    Trait Level Acquired
    Accuracy Bonus 50
    * The effect will increase in stages as the player levels.
  • The rune fencer ability Rune Enchantment will be adjusted.
    Runes will no longer be nullified by the effects of Dispel. In addition, the recast time and enmity generated from harboring runes will be halved.
    * This adjustment will occur in light of the need to quickly change runes due to the implementation of the above new abilities.
If you wish to discuss or submit feedback on this topic, please use the [dev1173] tag.