Some may know that in some games and tv series / movies, they add references to similiar stuff, completely different (like taxi car number in futurama) or prev. work (references to movie quotes where actors took part in).
I would love to see this kind of thing in this game. That would add quite a funny side to it
(for those who understand the references).

Maybe some from other S-E games?
Or maybe something different like: (no idea how licensing would work with this)

Mini-Game fighting Maat
Name: Maat, the Vana'diel Buster (ref. Beet the Vandel Buster)
Fight type: beat-em-up style (name "joke" to first ref.)
Maat wants to start the fight, but needs something to heat up the situation a little bit. So he sets up his orchestrion and chooses a song.
The song starts and he says: perfect, this song goes with everything.
Song: Guile Theme from Street Fighter II
(maat's phrase from "guile's theme goes with everything"-meme, and because it's perfect for beat-em-up ^_-)
Maat will say stuff during the fight which might indicate his next move.
Moves have to be choosen via menu when both did an action (similar to limit break quest).

Just a funny idea, but maybe it will be done in some way. <(^o^)>