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    Dear SE... Can we have a server merge again?

    It's nearly 4 PM, and there's only 283 people on at the time of this post. We're usually not breaking 500 players at prime anymore on this server, even after the update hit, and I'm not really sure how many of those numbers aren't just fishermen or idlers.

    MMORPGs are all about the community involved, so it would be doing us a great justice by slapping us together with at least one other rejected server, so we can actually have... shouts, or something. WoE usually has just 14-22 people in it on this server, and WKR areas usually have 50-120 players depending on which it is, so these are pretty big signs that we're due for some kind of patch work to keep the players of Lakshmi/Garuda feeling valued.

    I'll even make the work easier for you guys, you can repurpose the unused servers for Salvage and other instance content like Delve and stuff, since I'm sure that's gotta be possible, right?

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    283 online.. so sad to know this