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    Bahamut ppl where are you!

    So I reupped my accounts just because I have absolutely nothing to do in ffxiv anymore. As much as I want that game to make it, at this point I am just bored, queue up duty finder to cap my tomestones and log back out.

    Now that I am back in vana'diel I am having issues too, very few ppl are on and I am not anywhere geared enough to do the soa stuff ppl are /sh for (I don't even have an empy at 99, have one sitting at 85 when I stopped) and when I try to get into the rare non-soa content Im told no because I don't have soa gear. The ultimate catch 22 of gaming.

    So is there anyone on Bahamut that perhaps has a ls that is working on soa progression and does not require soa gear? Or anyone that will take pity on a poor returner?


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    Welcome Back!

    There are some people and LSs out there that are friendly to low level/returning players. I like helping players get started in Adoulin, getting more people into Adoulin means more fun for everyone. I'm not sure what times you play but if you see me on-line send me a /tell and I'll help you start to catch up.

    There are some things you can do on your own that will help you get some better gear. Easiest are Colonization & Lair Reives, Coalitions Tasks, and Quests. Ceizak Battlegrounds (outside of Western Adoulin) and Yahse Hunting Grounds (outside of Eastern Adoulin via the wharf) are the easier areas. I suggest going to the Couriers Coalitions (in Western Adoulin) and doing Frontline support to Ceizak, this mean delivering supplies to the bivouacs in the area (Fariska Lokhmi (G-9) outside the Scouts Coalition in Eastern Adoulin will mark the location of the bivouacs on your map), the further the bivouac the higher the reward. Once you get enough Bayld you can buy iLevel equipment and weapons from the Peacekeepers Coalition. Once you have some (or all) of that gear you can join Skirmish runs for better equipment and weapons. Once you have the Skirmish items you can join Delve (you can join before of course but having Skirmish gear makes it much easier). Once you are far enough along in the Adoulin Missions you can join Wildskeeper Reives for some very good gear.

    Go to BGwiki for good information on Adoulin content: