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Thread: Damage Check-In

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    Damage Check-In

    So I've been in and out of XI and I consider myself undergeared, but I'd like to get a gauge of how much damage a SCH can pump out against targets in general these days. I've heard rumors of Tier I nukes hitting for 2k+ outside of abyssea.

    So I'd like to open up a discussion: When we're not busy Curing Buffing and Stunning, what kind of damage are you seeing well-geared SCH (and BLM for comparison) dish out? What's the current common standard for DD'ing? Which staves are you using, particular set-ups, etc? Are solo-skillchains effective, or just straight Ebullience nuking? Are helices still relevant?

    As an example, I just recently did these combos in Sky on thunder elementals for fun:

    Aero V (2744) >> Noctohelix (570) = Gravitation (428) >> Stone III (MB: 1833)
    Aero (521) >> Nocto (517) = Grav. (396) >> Stone (MB: 705) >> Stone II (MB: 1239)
    Luminohelix (517) >> Stone III (1274) = Distortion (85) >> Blizzard II (MB: 1322)
    Luminohelix (517) >> Stone (499) = Dist. (385) >> Bliz II (MB: 1322) >> Bliz (MB: 766)

    Granted these aren't against any opponents of considerable worth, but I hope you get the idea. They take the elemental down pretty quickly for very little MP (Stone 1 costs 4 MP with Dark Arts up.)
    It's my understanding that these numbers are actually quite low.

    Also, my current helix damage with max Enlightenment and matching day + single weather is about 850. I'm interested in seeing those numbers from other people too.

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    I'm taking a break atm. My helixes were doing ~1500dmg normally, or MB/ebul'd against a target that takes 1/2 dmg.
    I did over 3k helix to a wildskeeper NM Hurkan. It was weather/day/MB/ebul'd. want to say it was 3400 but it's been a while.

    I almost never cast T5's. I went around sky 1shotting a lot of elementals for clusters once. I'm not sure, but I want to say I'd do a T4, then find the next & do a T3&T2. Find the 3rd do another T4, 4th would just get helix'd & follow me to the next camp while it died.

    I unmerited enlightenment for focalization when delve came out. needed the extra m.acc towards the end of fights a lot. I never moved it back.

    low tier nukes/helix: Atinian Staff. (mythic would do better)
    high tier nukes/kaustra: I use a Lehbrailg (augmented MAB+29 int+6)

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