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    New player

    Hello! I'm new to FFXI and am looking for a linkshell. Mostly for social while leveling, but I wouldn't mind partaking in end-game content when finally able to. I don't expect people to be able to always help or to be my personal healer or mission runner. I'm the kind of person that prefers to solo if at all possible, but I do like partying with people when able. If there is a friendly linkshell out there that wouldn't mind me being a part of it, please look for my character online Dougleguppy. I'm a Mithra currently leveling Thief at level 20 and trying to solo my subjob quest.

    P.S.: Where does a person go to get gear from the Auction House? Windurst Auction seemed barren and leveling gear isn't falling out of the sky so how am I supposed to keep my gear at least semi-current?

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    all auction houses are joined so what you find in windy will be what you find everywhere else, the only way to get low lvl gear these days is to make it yourself, make a friend who has their crafts leveled to make it for you or farm nm's that drop gear. Really its pure luck finding low lvl gear at this point in the game as it is no longer worthwhile for ppl to craft it. There is some you can buy from npc's but after lvl 10 or so it becomes ridiculously expensive. Likely you will be in low lvl gear until lvl 50 when you can start getting your artifact gear (which frankly isn't that great either) and from their it will be hard to find anything until 75+.

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