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    • A target “Ergon Locus???” has been added to Yorcia Weald (I-8)
      The key item Yorcia’s Tear may be obtained from this target with a 100% drop rate if the player is currently on the Adoulin Mission “In the Presence of Royalty” and does not possess one of the tears.
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    • The following additions and adjustments have been made to Mog Gardens.
      • Trading imperial bronze pieces to the Green Thumb Moogle will extend the period players can use their mog locker.
      • Additional items may now be used as seeds.
      • The drop rates of crystals in the following gathering points have been adjusted.
        Mineral Vein / Arboreal Grove / Pond Dredger / Coastal Fishing Net
    • The following additions have been made to Monstrosity.
      • The gnat family is now available for play.
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      • New instincts have been added.
      • The following areas available to travel to from the Feretory when engaging in Monstrosity have been added.
        Recommended Level Region Area
        Lv 25+ Li’Telor The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah
        Lv 30+ Kuzotz Eastern Altepa Desert
        Lv 31+ Tavnazian Archipelago Lufaise Meadows
        Tavnazian Archipelago Misareaux Coast
        Lv 40+ Kuzotz Western Altepa Desert
        Lv 58+ Valdeaunia Uleguerand Range
        Lv 61+ Arrapago Islands Caedarva Mire
        Lv 62+ Vollbow Cape Teriggan
        Lv 63+ West Aht Urhgan Bhaflau Thickets
        Lv 66+ Vollbow Valley of Sorrows
        Lv 68+ Lumoria Al’Taieu
      • The monster skill “Fighting Stance α” has been added to the following monster families
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        * Using this skill will change your stats and available monster skills.
      • The gestation period for Monstrosity participants has been drastically lengthened.
        * The new effect will last for eighteen hours (Earth time), and selecting the gestation period status icon will enable you to manually remove gestation.
      • Job abilities have been added to the list of monster abilities.
        Job abilities become available as the monster rises in level.
        * Available job abilities vary by monster.
        * Some job abilities are unavailable in Monstrosity.
      • The effects of certain merit points allocated in the job category will now carry over even while in monstrosity.
        * Applicable jobs vary by monster type.
        * Not all points will carry over into monstrosity.
        * The effects of these points will be calculated differently in monstrosity than they are in human form.
      • All special effects bestowed by gestation will only be lost if the player manually cancels the gestation period.
        Selecting the gestation period status icon will enable you to manually remove gestation.

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    • The following job-related adjustments have been made.
      • Beastmaster
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        • The attack, defense, accuracy, evasion, magic accuracy, and magic attack of pets called using the “Call Beast” ability will now increase based on the item level of the weapon equipped in the main hand.
        • All pets of the rabbit family called using “Call Beast” will now be able to use the “Wild Carrot” ability.
      • Dragoon
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        • The attack, defense, accuracy, evasion, magic accuracy, and magic attack of wyverns will now increase based on the item level of the weapon equipped in the main hand.
      • Summoner
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        • The defense of avatars will now increase based on the item level of the throwing weapon equipped.
      • Blue Mage
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        • Physical blue magic damage will now increase when a weapon that both displays an item level and provides a “[Weapon] skill +X” bonus is equipped in the main hand.
    • The cap on experience gained is now higher for players who have equipment with item levels displayed equipped.
      * The amount of experience gained varies depending upon the item equipped when an enemy is defeated.

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    • New synthesis recipes have been added.
    • New items have been added.
    • The following EX quality items are now able to be delivered between characters on the same account only.
      Karieyh Moufles / Karieyh Brayettes / Karieyh Sollerets / Karieyh Morion /
      Karieyh Haubert / Thurandaut Gloves / Thurandaut Tights / Thurandaut Boots /
      Thurandaut Chapeau / Thurandaut Tabard / Orvail Cuffs / Orvail Pants /
      Orvail Souliers / Orvail Corona / Orvail Robe / Gorney Moufles / Gorney Sollerets /
      Gorney Morion / Gorney Brayettes / Gorney Haubert / Shneddick Gloves /
      Shneddick Boots / Shneddick Chapeau / Shneddick Tights / Shneddick Tabard /
      Weatherspoon Cuffs / Weatherspoon Souliers / Weatherspoon Corona /
      Weatherspoon Pants / Weatherspoon Robe / Ninza / Ninza +1 / Leisilonu / Leisilonu +1 / Iztaasu / Iztaasu +1 / Crobaci / Crobaci +1 / Faizzeer / Faizzeer +1 / Iclamar /
      Iclamar +1 / Iizamal / Iizamal +1 / Qatsunoci / Qatsunoci +1 /Kannakiri / Kannakiri +1 /
      Shichishito / Shichishito +1 / Aedold / Aedold +1 / Lehbrailg / Lehbrailg +1 / Uffrat /
      Uffrat +1 / Bocluamni / Bocluamni +1 / Hgafircian / Hgafircian +1 / Cizin Helm /
      Cizing Mail / Cizin Mufflers / Cizin Breeches / Cizin Greaves / Otronif Mask /
      Otronif Harness / Otronif Gloves / Otronif Brais / Otronif Boots / Iuitl Headgear /
      Iuitl Vest / Iuitl Wristbands / Iuitl Tights / Iuitl Gaiters / Gendewitha Caubeen /
      Gendewitha Bliaut / Gendewitha Gages / Gendewitha Spats / Gendewitha Galoshes /
      Hagondes Hat / Hagondes Coat / Hagondes Cuffs / Hagondes Pants / Hagondes Sabots
      * Items augmented with arcane glyptics may not be delivered.
    • The following adjustments have been made to magic accuracy.
      • Magic accuracy will now increase when wielding a weapon with a displayed item level in the main hand.
        * This bonus will not display in the item help text, but still applies.
        * The Voay Staff and Voay Staff +1 apply their lowered magic accuracy stats by subtracting them from this internal bonus, and as such have increased magic accuracy compared to previously.
      • The Magic Accuracy bonus been removed from the help text of the following items.
        Kannakiri +1 / Dowser’s Wand / Tamaxchi / Aedold +1 / Forefront Wand / Mondaha Cudgel / Sharur / Sharur +1 / Aedold / Sasah Wand +1 / Lehbrailg +1 / Forefront Staff / Soothsayer Staff / Atinian Staff / Atinian Staff +1 / Sortilevel Staff / Lehbrailg
        * Magic accuracy has been deleted from the help text only. The attribute itself has been increased.
    • The following items are now able to be stored via the porter moogle.
      • Storage Slip 11
        Glinting Shield / Nanaa Mihgo Statue
    • A new synergy recipe has been added.

      Item Required Craft Materials
      Bomb Masque +1 - Bomb Masque, Bomb Masque

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    • Title Screen Additions
      An additional Config menu is now accessible from the title screen, from which players may adjust the volume of sound effects and the title screen background music.
      Name:  config_EN_01.jpg
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      Name:  config_EN_02.jpg
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    • New Storage System: Mog Case
      The "Mog Case" option has been added to the View House section of the main menu. This new storage system is accessible at any time and can hold up to eighty items.
    • Item Delivery
      Two new options—Send and Receive—have been added to the Delivery Box section of the Mog House menu. Selecting Send will allow players to deliver items to other PCs.
      * The waiting period before players may reopen these windows has been reduced from thirty seconds to fifteen.
    • Vendor and Auction House Item Display
      Names of the following items sold by vendors and at the auction house now display as green if currently in one's possession.
      Spirit Pacts / Dice for Corsairs / Attachments
      * The text for these items will display in green if you have acquired these items and have set the corresponding job as your main job (Added October 9, 2013).
    • Config Additions
      The "Window Effect" category has been added to the "Window" section of the Config menu. This new category allows players to toggle the visual effects for opening and closing windows on and off.
    • The "PC Armor Display" category has been added to the "Misc." section of the Config menu. This new category allows players to either simplify the display of other PCs' armor or have it display normally.
    • The "Screen shaking" option has been added to the Effects section of the Config menu. By enabling this option, the screen will cease to shake and the rumble feature for gamepads will be disabled at all times. This option may be toggled in all versions of the game.
    • Names for the following areas now display in the chat log upon entering them.
      Feretory / Mog Garden
    • Text Commands
      • /case
        Allows players to open their Mog Case.
      • /sendpost
        Opens the delivery window, but may only be used in Mog Houses, Rent-a-Rooms, and Mog Gardens.
    • The following command may now be used in the Windows and Xbox 360 versions of the game.
      • /localsettings hidearmor [subcommand]
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        Name:  config04.jpg
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        Toggles the display of other PCs' armor on and off, meaning the equipment will either reset to the default setting or display normally. The command will take effect either when the player moves to another area or when other PCs change their equipment.
        on  Display armor graphics of PCs other than yourself statically to enhance computing performance.
        off  Display PC armor graphics normally.

    Playstation2 Version
    • Additional memory will now be automatically allocated to displaying PC graphics in order to prevent screen blackouts.

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    Resolved Issues

    • The issue with all Researcher and Researcher Emeritus expeditions in Meeble Burrows wherein players could not cast magic after the final boss had been defeated.
    • The issue with Yorcia Weald skirmishes wherein the graphics of certain bestial dens would overlap with the surrounding scenery.
    • The issue with Yorcia Weald skirmishes wherein enmity for certain bestial dens would decrease in a manner different from that of other enemies.
    • The issue wherein players could receive experience from defeating enemies "too weak to be worthwhile" under certain circumstances.
    • The issue wherein the subtarget icon would display as blue when using the blue magic spell Water Bomb even if the subtarget was out of range.
    • The issue wherein removing equipment with item levels displayed would occasionally cause enemy strength to display incorrectly.
    • The issue wherein players could not use the item Maestro's Baton in Mog Gardens.
    • The issue wherein players could use items to poison themselves in Mog Gardens.
    • The issue wherein messages displayed when harvesting crops from Mog Garden furrows contained typographical errors.
    • The issue with Mog Gardens wherein exchanging stars for seven or more items with a full inventory would render the items unobtainable.
    • The issue with Mog Gardens wherein extending an assistant's contract with shining stars would unintentionally cause the player to expend 10,000 gil.
    • The issue wherein reentering a Mog Garden would cause the graphics of the Garden Strongbox to reset.
    • The issue wherein the item Miracle Milk could not be used in Mog Gardens.
    • The issue with the quest "Forging New Bonds" wherein trading an item to the Tomato Vantage Point under certain circumstances would consume all the items a player could possibly trade.
    • The issue with Monstrosity wherein the chat window would behave differently depending on the NPC in the Feretory with whom players were speaking.
    • The issue wherein NPC dialogue contained typographical errors and omissions.
    • The issue wherein players could view certain cutscenes for the quest "Destiny's Device" even if they had not installed the Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack.
    • The issue wherein undertaking the quest "Legacies Lost and Found" after having one's progress reset with a certain NPC would set the key item "letter from Octavien" as already having been read.
    • The issue with the quest "All the Way to the Bank" wherein the amount of gil needed to pay Malgrom differed from the amount displayed.
    • The issue wherein players could not participate in certain colonization reives in Cirdas Caverns.
    • The issue wherein players could not cancel their selection after choosing to view "History" in the Celennia Memorial Library.
    • The issue wherein moving from Cirdas Caverns to Yorcia Weald while undertaking a "Deliver" coalition assignment would cause the requisite key item to vanish.
    • The issue wherein the categories in the Merit Point menu appeared in the incorrect order.
    • The issue with the Greeter Moogle wherein the position of one's cursor would change after selecting "Check/Exchange points."
    • The issue wherein the effects of the command /checkname would not display if the "System Lv. 1 ('Check' notices)" chat filter was enabled.
    • The issue wherein prestige would display in an improper location within one's profile under the Status menu.
    • The issue wherein certain help text would only display while players were typing in chat.
    • The issue wherein blackouts would occasionally occur in certain parts of the Adoulin mission "Arciela Appears Again."
      * The problem is currently being rectified so that players may proceed with the mission even in the event of a blackout.
    • The issue wherein graphics for female Hume, female Elvaan, and Mithra fellows would display improperly when players had the following swimwear equipped:
      Rustic Maillot +1 / Rustic Trunks +1 / Shoal Maillot +1 / Shoal Trunks +1

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    Known Issues

    • The following spells that cannot be used in Monstrosity erroneously appear in the Monstrosity magic list.
      Teleport-Vahzl / Retrace
    • The "Coastal Fishing Net" target occasionally does not appear in Mog Gardens.
      * This issue can occasionally be rectified by either relogging or by zoning into a different area.
    • The "Coastal Fishing Net" target in Mog Gardens occasionally cannot be targeted with the mouse.
    • The item Filiae Bell erroneously contains the attribute "Geomancy skill +15."
    • PCs who are KO'd when the NM Insidio is defeated during the "Destiny's Device" quest cannot receive any bayld.
    • Enmity accrual does not function properly for the following Marjami Ravine colonization and lair reive enemies.
      Gerent Apkallu / Foraging Apkallu
    • The DEF values for the following items are not commensurate with their item levels.
      Buremte Hat / Buremte Gloves / Uk'uxkaj Boots
    • The help text for the mandragora ability Phaeosynthesis in Monstrosity is erroneous.
    • Monipulators cannot open the "Granite Door" target in Ranguemont Pass (E-10).
    • Enmity accrual does not function properly for the NM Ancestral Rage that appears during the quest "The Communion."
    • Players level 79 and under who place more than ten merit points merit points on HP, MP, and certain other base attributes will only receive the effect of ten merit points.