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    Return of the Washing Machine

    Let me start off by saying that in no way whatsoever will the subject of this post have anything remotely to do with washing machines.


    (This is where you stop reading and then make a reply letting me know you stopped reading.)

    I'm gonna make an appreciation post, to both teams of XI and XIV, one that I've been wanting to say for a long time. Because many times I've oralized (yes, that's a word now) disgruntlement and spoken out against and orally bashed SE for many things in the last few years.

    But never before with a total lack of respect for the amount of respect required to respect itself. I mean, we want exactly what they want, and that goes for any respectable business looking to satisfy a customer. ...NOT LIKE THAT. They gave us more than a handful of great ways to pacify our boredom for many years now. And what makes this an appreciation thread about appreciation and not washing machines is, well, I happen to be one of the ones that does appreciate a good and fond memory.

    And that, they have provided.

    Think of one of the people you love most on the planet, and that's your relationship with Final Fantasy. The people you care about most screw up, and some screw up bigtime, but there's a forgiveness that's there that helps carry the relationship along. Otherwise, I'd have been one of the many that divorced the series at FF1, who's currently serving life in Folsom for not paying the child support.

    To those that remain on these forums and have been one of those that endured what they disliked, though it may vastly outweigh the things about the game they currently like. If it weren't for you, there'd be nobody to /wave at apparently too busy trying to find washing machines in the wrong section of the AH menu. Seriously though, to whomever is still buying low and mid-range gear that I spit out of a rainbow of crystal colours on a daily basis... thank you! I sure needed that 10k at 3 days ago when I put up that bone knife, but thanks anyway.

    Without you, my adventure would surely be over. Don't leave me here alone.

    And to Matsui/Yoshida, you guys keep working your asses off, because we know that's you Japanese really love to do, and at least know that there's one NA out there that will stay with you apparently no matter how many times you throw the nearest heavy object directly at my face. I'll come back each and every time because at one time you used to do for my mind and body what no other lover could.

    I just got a fishing skillup yay
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    Loved xi, played it for years, aby came and lvl caps were removed and my interest waned. Adoulin came out and overwrote everything else, all the gear and weapons I worked on for years became shiney objects for my mannequins to hold and wear and the guy who started last month is already 99 in 10 jobs and has each one geared in ways that would have been impossible before and I wanted to cry. Thieves ask what treasure hunter is, have no idea what a sata is, rdm became lolrdm, brd requires gear that is in no way reasonable to obtain, dynamis was broken, sky/sea/land gods became trivial solo content, etc etc as the easy button was put into play across the board and I geared myself up in my finest rdm relic gears, took one last ride on the airship and across the planes on my choco, then waved good-bye to my moogle, logged out and cancelled my membership. We lived and worked and adventured, we faced challenges and were proud of our accomplishments and we did it all together. And it hurt a little inside knowing that was gone.

    I then logged into ARR, which I played from v1beta to dalamud to rerelease, worked with my free company figured out the challenges, mastered the primals and now work on mastering the coil of bahamut because remembering back when xi was shiney and new the future looks bright for eorzea but twilight seems to be settling over vana'diel.

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    I'll sum up the original post for those of you that didn't read it.
    It went like this:

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