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    Will it ever be possible to have a system that promotes helping others in FFXI?

    Like veterans coming back to help strangers and new players to do events they already got everything they wanted?

    The way the game is designed, once you acquired what you wanted in a determined area you will only return there for friends.

    So what's the point of new players coming to FFXI with a shrinking playerbase that faces an impossible gap to cross?

    Though the game has been made much more casual friendly over the years it never addressed the greatest bane of FFXI, the lack of cooperation.

    We players realize that unless a system is created where player A helps player B to get things done and get a reward for it, the gap between veterans, mid ranged players and newbies will spread out so much that eventually the game itself will implode with lack of players to do anything.

    So, Square Enix, how about thinking of a system that makes players have any incentive to help others, because free will isn't enough. Create a token system or something like that that lets those who help players with determined events to keep their progression.

    Things like getting a single +2 set in abyssea nowadays is impossible. It requires at least 3 people to help you with determined jobs that are willing to stay with you for a long while because probably none of them wants those things or anything with Abyssea anymore.

    And thats only Abyssea example. So i find myself lately back to the year 2004, seeing shouts for things over and over that just don't get done because ppl don't give a damn about it anymore and are not willing to spend their precious time to help anyone besides a guildmate in a stablished Linkshell.

    Please Square Enix, do something about it. As a returning player, the idea of being impossible to get a single +2 set in abyssea makes me wonder how bad thing will become in the future.

    Will this first tier of Delve Bosses be only accessible by that 5-10% of the game community that are in endgame Linkshells? Isn't it sad that even now 2013 the huge majority of the playerbase never saw the face of Absolute Virtue or Pandemonium Warden or Jailers in Sea?

    Do you really want to keep this trend going where 300.000 subscribers pay you monthly so 5.000-10.000 are able to see the whole content of the game? I think this worked well back then but not anymore.
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    For the record, they recently tried this when they revamped the conditions of Delve bosses. They stated then that the intent was for more advanced players farming beads to help out others who needed the kill, and many ls's did freely. Some charged.

    I remember one night farming Kurma beads before our first Tojil win, we were rotationg our members out @ 5-10% hp, so that another alliance there could get the win.

    No, it wasn't that we were hogging the ???, but simply that we'd watched them try twice and wipe or time out, so we just worked them into our group.

    When we practiced Foret NMs for a Dakuwaqa win, our raid leader shouted that we had some free spots if anyone wanted an invite. Immediately got several tells and rotated people in.

    Surely your next question will be about getting people Delve Mega Boss wins, and some LSs are able to do that, however we're usually full with people benched, as a lot of LSs are.

    - - -

    +2s dropping from empy nms was also an intuitive way to get strangers to help each other for common goals, especially as abyssea "became easier".
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    Well tbh there needs to be tiers in a game. Casual-Moderate-Hardcore

    No game can survive if they cater soley to one of these 3 players and if you make 100% of the game easily accessible to 100% of the playerbase then you are not going to maintain a long term player. And honestly the WHOLE game is accessible for the ENTIRE playerbase, its the lack of cooperation among players, the I-want-it-now mentality (or what I call Veruca Salt syndrome) and the lack of things like a duty finder that make it more difficult (but not impossible) for the casual or new gamer. Some content is designed for grind, not everything can be a simple drop from a 30 minute run so you can move on to another piece of content that can be completed on your next day off. That is what single-player games are for.

    It is not impossible to finish content, its not impossible to find ppl who have similar schedules. You just need to put a little effort into it. Getting a set of +2 make take you a few trips to abyssea instead of just 1 but by no means is it impossible as you say, it just require a lil work on your part. That work may include finding a group of like minded ppl who may have similar schedules.

    A token system may work but then it would just be exploited like easy exp. "I'm going to just park it here and go afk while they work, I don't need to lot anything because I can just use my tokens later to get that shiney new head piece"

    As for AV, PW and such...yeah those are not for everyone. BUT you can get them IF you put the WORK into getting them. They are long term goals not quick pops and even the person who plays a day or two a week can get a pop set, it just may take them longer.

    I haven't seen many of the things in this game, I haven't done delve at all. But I also had issues back in the day getting dyna wins, salvage runs, einherjar, etc etc and instead of asking the devs for perks cause I had a 60 hr a week job, I put some time into finding a group of ppl and completed my content. Yes it took longer, yes it wasn't easy, yes it was stressful at times, yes it was HARD, but it was also DOABLE once I decided to just do it.

    Could I do delve? Sure if I had any inclination to do so I would put the effort into it. But this game has strayed so far from the game I loved years ago that I have no interest in doing so anymore because my sub will not be running long enough for me to put the work in.

    GOALS not easy drops are the name of any long lasting mmo.

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    Well technically the way to do it is to include money drops. This is largely why FFXI end game remained relevant for so long in old FFXI and to some extent modern day FFXI. Without those money drops to farm people have no reason to repeat content. Granted, it didn't mean I would randomly join you to help. I'd probably farm gil with friends or linkshell instead. But if you want to get people to help each other when they otherwise wouldn't, you need a system in place that rewards handsomely because it needs to be handsomely or it's just not worth our time.

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