The following are some thoughts that I had while looking at the new UI, in no particular order. This does not include the obvious things such as text/buttons missing, etc.

1) Font size -- at 1920x1080 especially, the font size is really painfully small. It would be really nice if we had an opportunity to change the point size of the font to something a little more readable.

2) The dock menu -- I understand that we can't get rid of it or resize it, and that's fine, but would it be possible to move it? Right now it can't be moved, it seems -- it's just staying put at the same coordinates regardless of menu resolution. The status icon area might benefit from having a border and being movable as well.

3) For the text menus, it would be nice to have a snap to width option so that they could take up the entire width of the screen, as well as some kind of resizing option, especially if the functionality to change font size is added. Also, it would be nice if one log menu, when moved next to the other one, would "lock on" so that resizing one would cause the other one to move up/down. That would allow variable lines for both logs without the risk of causing overlapping and/or wasted space between logs.

4) The movement of the character and camera works on the keyboard, but it doesn't seem that any of the keys that open menus like ability, magic, etc. are working. Also, has the Ctrl key been removed from the keystrokes to open those menus? That might be bad as "W" would both move forward and open the weapon skill menu.

5) In the item preview menus, it seems like some things are newline-delimited that should be space- or comma- delimited. For example, all jobs that can use a given item are given a separate line, which looks awful.

6) A minor point: the string resource for "Storage" is misspelled "Strage".

7) The amount of gil in the "Items" and "Bazaar" menus are overwriting the string "Current Gil" because it is not autospacing properly.

8) Although the log management window is locked to and moves with one of the text logs, after the map has been opened and the map subwindow selected, the log management window sometimes seems to move with the mouse until it is clicked, separate from the log it's supposed to be attached to. It does not move on its own when click-dragged, and neither does the map subwindow.

9) The manual sort feature does not appear to function at all.

10) It would be nice if the indicator in the main menu between the arrow keys could be clicked to jump to the appropriate menu.

Well, that's all the testing I can do for now. More later.