Below is a message from Associate Director Yoji Fujito about various future plans that are currently in-development.

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Hello, Fujito here.

I’d like to introduce some future plans that were mentioned during Vana TV Festival 2013, which was broadcast the other day!

All of these plans are currently under development and being tested heavily, so please note that there is a possibility that changes take place.

Future Plans for Mog Gardens
  • Delivery feature
    We will be adding a delivery feature to Mog Gardens.
    We'll also be adding this convenient feature to Mog Houses as well.
  • Party invites
    We’ll be making it possible to invite friends over to your Mog Gardens.
    As this feature will just make it possible to spend time with your friends, you won’t be able to put the party members you invite to your Mog Gardens to work for you.
  • Addition of seeds and fertilizers
    We will be adding new seeds and fertilizers.
  • Seasonal event goodies
    We’re planning to make it possible to do different things to go along with the various seasons. For example, growing Christmas trees in your field for Christmas time.
  • Addition of items that can be exchanged with “Shining Stars”
    We’re currently looking into cosmetic equipment such as overalls with straw hats and weapons in the shape of farming tools that can be purchased with “Shining Stars.”
    Additionally, we are looking into having a limited time event that doubles the amount of “Shining Stars” gained.
  • Monster raising
    Back when we were calling Mog Gardens, "Back on the Ranch," we wanted to enable you to raise baby sheep, etc. We're looking into this once again.
  • Addition of new assistants
    We would like to add new NPCs that act as assistants for you. We’re planning a small Qiqirn NPC.
New Content for Soloers or Low-man Parties
  • Content focused on all of Vana’diel
    We are planning to expand content first to original areas and Adoulin areas, and then, with the updates to follow, expand to even more locations. In the future we plan on focusing on all areas.
  • Content for soloers and low-man parties
    There will be content that can be completed solo as well as content which can be completed more easily if you form a party. There will be various types of content, so even if you are not too proficient at fighting solo, you’ll be able to enjoy playing solo by selecting content that is right for you.
  • Preparation of a large amount of achievements, where the rewards get increasingly better over time
    We are planning content where you can receive rewards for completing objectives and receive even higher-tier rewards for completing multiple objectives.
  • Repeatable content
    While it won’t be for everything, the content we introduce can be repeated over and over.
  • Content that is over quickly, content that requires time, and content that requires luck
    We are planning content that you can choose depending on what’s right for you at the time, so if one day you don’t have much time you can play certain content easily and quickly, while on the other hand if you have more time to spare you can take on content that requires a bit more time to play through.
Future Plans for Equipment
  • Addition of equipment variations
    We’d like to increase the amount of equipment choices such as marksmanship weapons for thief, daggers for red mage, which current gear has not covered well, and new equipment such as grips with delay +.
  • Relic, mythic, and empyrean weapon revamps
  • Unlocking empyrean weapons skills
  • Artifact revamps
    Sorry to keep you all waiting on this without giving a time-frame, but for the above three points we are currently making preparations to implement all of them simultaneously in the version update to take place in fall.

    For the artifact equipment revamps, we are planning to make it so you can bring artifact equipment up to the standards of geomancer and rune fencer artifact equipment. Hang in there for more information related to the quests for this.