A few ideas to make Mog Gardens more streamlined.

1) Since we can switch assistants to different garden areas right before we "harvest" that area and have them take effect, moving them around is just busy work. It would be best if instead of asking them to move from area to area, you could set each assistant on a specific task for each areas they influence and have both be in effect simultaneously. This would also allow the assistants to move about the garden more freely making them seem more animated and alive.

2) Remove the extra line of dialogue from the moogle whenever you choose an option like buy/sell or checking in on mog house. All it does is make us hit enter an extra time before the menu appears.

3) After extending an assistant's contract using gil, return to the assistant menu. Most often people will be extending all 3 at once so it's easier if after extending one, we can go on to the other 2 faster.

4) Make trading crystals to the moogle recharge kinetic units for waypoints, or have some other mechanism to recharge kinetic units directly from the garden.