Okay, So before I begin this, I should state this is MY opinion, and I am not citing any particular LS when I bring this up.

I find ALOT of motivation for this game somewhat diminished by something that I can't remember ever happening back in the old days.

I think this is something I need to hash out on a personal level, but I just notice that a good deal of LS's just don't feel like they used to. Honestly, I find it hard to play this game without some kind of social activity. And now and days I just don't see that alot in LS's...At least the few I have joined.

ALOT of them seem to be focused towards the obvious gaining power, gear and NM Runs and thats fine! By no means am I downing them for their choice in LS.

Problem is, there is a bit of a gap between social LS's and LS's that are hyper focused on just attaining gear.

What about an LS that's somewhere in the middle?

I feel like this will come off whiny, and that's not my intention, at all. Please understand, I WANT to enjoy the game as much as possible, I just have a hard time doing so alone, especially when alot of this games content isn't always easy to Solo.

So. Anyone have any thoughts? Can someone Recommend an LS?