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    • New Seekers of Adoulin missions have been added.
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    • New Seekers of Adoulin area quests have been added.
    • Artifact equipment acquisition quests have been added for both geomancers and rune fencers.
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    • New content, termed Monstrosity, has been added.
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      Read on for all the ghastly details.
    • Mog Garden Adjustments
      • The rank cap for gathering nodes has been raised to five.
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      • Additional items such as roots and bulbs may now be used as seeds in Mog Gardens.
      • Additional items may now be used in Mog Gardens.
        The newly condoned items include: meals, fireworks, clusters, movement-related items, and costumes.
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      • The following options are now available when talking with the Green Thumb Moogle.
        • "Check on my shining stars."
          This option gives players the opportunity to listen to an explanation of these mysterious stars, check their star count, or exchange them for services or items.

        • Star Exchange Services and Items
          Stars Item or Service Received Explanation
          1 Trip to San d'Oria This prize teleports the winner near the Mog Houses in San d'Oria.
          Trip to Bastok This prize teleports the winner near the Mog Houses in Bastok.
          Trip to Windurst This prize teleports the winner near the Mog Houses in Windurst.
          5 Gil Repository Players may only receive one repository.
          One week of work from Kuyin Players must have met Kuyin in order to employ her.
          One week of work from Susuroon Players must have met Susuroon in order to employ him.
          One week of work from Yeestog Players must have met Yeestog in order to employ him.
          10 Coalition Humus -
          Super Baitball -
          Coalition Chum -
          15 Crab Caller Players may only receive one crab caller.
          Coalition Fertilizer -
          Coalition Serum -
    • The edification cap for coalitions has been raised to rank seven.
      In accordance with this increase, new coalition services have also been introduced.
    • Reive Adjustments
      • The evaluation system has received additional adjustments, such as an increase to the amount of points earned for elemental attacks.
      • The waiting period before players may once again engage in colonization and lair reives in the following areas has been reduced.
        Morimar Basalt Fields / Foret de Hennetiel
      • Adjustments have been made to rewards received during and after reives in the following areas.
        Foret de Hennetiel / Morimar Basalt Fields
      • The difficulty of lair reives in the following areas has been adjusted.
        Yahse Hunting Grounds / Ceizak Battlegrounds / Sih Gates / Moh Gates
      • The difficulty of colonization reives in the following areas has been adjusted.
        Yahse Hunting Grounds / Ceizak Battlegrounds / Foret de Hennetiel / Morimar Battlegrounds / Sih Gates / Moh Gates
      • The amount of bayld received at the completion of successful colonization and lair reives in the following areas has been increased.
        Marjami Ravine / Yorcia Weald / Dho Gates
      • The likelihood of receiving both high-rank simulacra segments and simulacra segments in general after successful colonization and lair reives has been increased.
      • The following simulacra segments have been introduced for use with the new skirmish content scheduled to be released in late August.
        Yorcia Visage I / Yorcia Visage II / Yorcia Visage III / Yorcia Visage IV /
        Yorcia Visage V
    • The time it takes for ??? targets to appear after defeating the following notorious monsters in Al'Taieu has been reduced.
      Jailer of Justice / Jailer of Hope / Jailer of Prudence
    • Abyssea Adjustments
      • The likelihood of receiving seals as a reward for quests undertaken in the following areas has been increased.
        Abyssea – Attohwa / Abyssea – Misareaux / Abyssea – Vunkerl /
        Abyssea – Altepa / Abyssea – Uleguerand / Abyssea - Grauberg
      • The amount of cruor needed to obtain the following equipment has been adjusted.
        • Equipment Reduced from 20,000 to 5,000 Cruor
          Ravager's Mask / Tantra Crown / Orison Cap / Goetia Petasos / Estoqueur's Chappel / Raider's Bonnet / Creed Armet / Bale Burgeonet / Ferine Cabasset / Aoidos' Calot / Sylvan Gapette / Unkai Kabuto / Iga Zukin / Lancer's Mezail / Caller's Horn / Mavi Kavuk / Navarch's Tricorne /
          Cirque Cappello / Charis Tiara / Savant's Bonnet
        • Equipment Reduced from 25,000 to 5,000 Cruor
          Ravager's Mufflers / Tantra Gloves / Orison Mitts / Goetia Gloves / Estoqueur's Gantherots / Raider's Armlets / Creed Gauntlets / Bale Gauntlets / Ferine Manoplas / Aoidos' Manchettes / Sylvan Glovelettes / Unkai Kote / Iga Tekko / Lancer's Vambraces / Caller's Bracers / Mavi Bazubands / Navarch's Gants / Cirque Guanti / Charis Bangles / Savant's Bracers
      • The amount of resistance credits needed to obtain the following items has been adjusted.
        • Items Reduced from 1,000 to 300 Credits
          Ravager's Cuisses / Tantra Hose / Orison Pantaloons / Goetia Chausses / Estoqueur's Fuseau / Raider's Culottes / Creed Cuisses / Bale Flanchard / Ferine Quijotes / Aoidos' Rhingrave / Sylvan Bragues / Unkai Haidate / Iga Hakama / Lancer's Cuissots / Caller's Spats / Mavi Tayt / Navarch's Culottes / Cirque Pantaloni / Charis Tights / Savant's Pants
        • Items Reduced from 300 to 200 Credits
          Daybreak Soul / Twilight Soul
        • Items Reduced from 250 to 150 Credits
          Magnus Stone Pouch
      • Empyrean footwear may now be exchanged with a new NPC named Lame Deer in Abyssea – Misareaux (K-7).
        Adventurers may exchange three pairs of empyrean footwear with him for one of their choice.
        • Possible footwear to exchange and receive:
          Ravager's Calligae / Tantra Gaiters / Orison Duckbills / Goetia Sabots / Estoqueur's Houseaux / Raider's Poulaines / Creed Sabatons / Bale Sollerets / Ferine Ocreae / Aoidos' Cothurnes / Sylvan Bottillons / Unkai Sune-Ate / Iga Kyahan / Lancer's Schynbalds / Caller's Pigaches / Mavi Basmak / Navarch's Bottes / Cirque Scarpe / Charis Toeshoes / Savant's Loafers
          * Adventurers may not exchange more than three pairs at a time.
          * Adventurers may not receive the same pair of footwear that they exchanged.
          * Footwear traded in will be returned if the adventurer cancels the exchange.
          * Disconnecting or logging out during the exchange will not jeopardize an adventurer's items as long as he does not change areas.
          * Adventurers who change areas before completing an exchange will lose the items and be unable to cancel the exchange afterwards, but may still complete the exchange.

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    • Enemies no longer interfere with adventurers moving in places where the "Climbing" skill is necessary within the following areas.
      Sih Gates / Dho Gates / Marjami Ravine
    • The Yorcia Weald enemy "Shortsighted Panopt" has been temporarily removed.
      * It will return in a future version update once it finds a more suitable territory to protect.
      * This does not affect any panopts that appear in reives.
    • Respawn times for non-aggressive enemies in the following areas have been reduced.
      East Ronfaure / West Ronfaure / North Gustaberg / South Gustaberg / East Sarutabaruta / West Sarutabaruta
      * This does not apply to notorious monsters.
    • Spell interruption rate will now decrease if both item level and "[type of weapon] skill +" are present on items equipped as main weapons.
    • The following job-related adjustment has been made
      • Ninja
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        • If both item level and "[type of weapon] skill +" are present on the item equipped as a main weapon, the number of Utsusemi shadow images consumed from attacks will now be reduced.

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    • New synthesis recipes have been added.
    • New items have been added.
      Click image for larger version

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    • The attributes of items that have their level displayed have been adjusted.
    • Simulacra Segment Adjustments
      • The following segments have been added for use with the new skirmishes, which will be implemented in late August.
        Yorcia Visage I / Yorcia Visage II / Yorcia Visage III / Yorcia Visage IV /
        Yorcia Visage V
      • The likelihood of obtaining segments from completing colonization and lair reives has been increased.

      • The likelihood of obtaining high-rank simulacra segments through the following methods has been increased.
        Colonization Reives / Lair Reives / Coalition Assignments / Soul Pyres / Gathering
    • Adventurers may now obtain items from the following enemies via the ability Despoil.
      Tulfaires / Snapweeds
    • The following enemies in the areas below have a chance to drop new spoils when defeated.
      • Cirdas Caverns
        Acuexes / Worms
      • Yorcia Weald
    • Gathering now yields a chance of obtaining new items in the following areas.
      Sih Gates / Moh Gates / Dho Gates
    • Additional items are now storable through the Porter Moogle system.
      • Moogle Storage Slip 04:
        Filiae Bell / Dowser's Wand / Beorc Sword / Geomancy Galero / Geomancy Tunic / Geomancy Mitaines / Geomancy Pants / Geomancy Sandals / Runeist Bandeau / Runeist Coat / Runeist Mitons / Runeist Trousers / Runeist Bottes

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    • Information regarding participation in Monstrosity has been added under Profile in the Status menu.
    • The following adjustments have been made to examining enemies.
      • The message that displays detailing the strength of enemies level 100 or higher is now dependent upon the item levels of adventurers' equipment.

      • The description "seems like incredibly easy prey" has been added.
    • The amount of experience received from enemies that are separated from level 99 adventurers by six or more levels has been adjusted.
    • The visual effects of geocolure spells are now more subdued.
      • Pre-adjustment
        Name:  system_002.jpg
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      • Post-adjustment
        Name:  system_003.jpg
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    • The following terms have been added to the auto-translate dictionary.
      Category Terminology
      Text Commands /monsterskill
      Text Commands /checkname
      Text Commands /localsettings
      Job Abilities Elemental Sforzo
      Job Abilities Rune Enchantment
      Job Abilities Swordplay
      Job Abilities Embolden
      Job Abilities One for All
      Job Abilities Ward
      Job Abilities Effusion
      Job Abilities Ignis
      Job Abilities Gelus
      Job Abilities Flabra
      Job Abilities Tellus
      Job Abilities Sulpor
      Job Abilities Unda
      Job Abilities Lux
      Job Abilities Tenebrae
      Job Abilities Vallation
      Job Abilities Pflug
      Job Abilities Valiance
      Job Abilities Liement
      Job Abilities Lunge
      Job Abilities Gambit
      Job Abilities Battuta
      Job Abilities Rayke
      Job Abilities Bolster
      Job Abilities Full Circle
      Job Abilities Lasting Emanation
      Job Abilities Ecliptic Attrition
      Job Abilities Collimated Fervor
      Job Abilities Life Cycle
      Job Abilities Blaze of Glory
      Job Abilities Dematerialize
      Job Abilities Theurgic Focus
      Job Abilities Concentric Pulse
      Job Abilities Mending Halation
      Job Abilities Radial Arcana
      Weapon Skills Shijin Spiral
      Weapon Skills Exenterator
      Weapon Skills Requiescat
      Weapon Skills Resolution
      Weapon Skills Ruinator
      Weapon Skills Upheaval
      Weapon Skills Entropy
      Weapon Skills Stardiver
      Weapon Skills Blade: Shun
      Weapon Skills Tachi: Shoha
      Weapon Skills Realmrazer
      Weapon Skills Shattersoul
      Weapon Skills Apex Arrow
      Weapon Skills Last Stand
      Place Names 2 Feretory
      Game Terms 2 Delve
      Game Terms 2 Monstrosity
    • The text commands /checkname and /monsterskill have been added.
      • /checkname (/cn)
        This command enables players to examine the true names of adventurers while they are possessing monsters in Monstrosity.
        * This command functions in the exact same manner as /check when using it on normal adventurers.
      • /monsterskill (/ms) "[m.s. name]" "[target name]"
        Uses a monster skill on specified target.
        You cannot use a job ability that you have not learned, or if the current environment restricts monster ability usage.

    [PlayStayion 2 Version]
    • The following text commands have been implemented to alleviate blackout issues.
      • /localsettings hideeffect1 [subcommand]
        Toggles weather stability on and off, meaning that it will always display as sunny no matter the weather.
        Players will need to zone into a different area for this change to take effect.
        * Slight aberrations may appear in the distance while in certain areas.
        * This command only effects how the weather is displayed, not the actual weather itself.
        on Enables weather suppression.
        off Disables weather suppression.
      • /localsettings hideeffect2 [subcommand]
        Toggle environment effects on and off.
        Players will need to zone into a different area for this change to take effect.
        * Adventurers may still fish even if the water surface does not display.
        * Any environment visual effects that occur after the command is enabled will still display.
        on Enables environmental effect suppression.
        off Disables environmental effect suppression.
      • /localsettings hidearmor [subcommand]
        Name:  system_004.jpg
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        Name:  system_005.jpg
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Size:  68.6 KB
        Toggle the display of other PCs' armor on and off.
        Players will need to zone into a different area for this change to take effect.
        on Unifies equipment graphics of other characters.
        off Disunifies equipment graphics of other characters.

    [PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 Versions]
    • The "Misc. 2" submenu has been added under Config in the main menu.
      Players can adjust the number of players and NPCs displayed from this submenu.

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    Resolved Issues

    • The issue wherein the description for Granddaddy Dearest did not appear in the quest log when repeating the quest.
    • The issue wherein the sheep special attack Sheep Bleat could be resisted if players had a formidable resistance against sleep.
    • The issue wherein pets would occasionally not be able to follow players who used the survival skill "Climbing."
    • The issue wherein certain enemies had unintentionally low elemental resistances.
    • The issue with Yorcia Weald colonization reives wherein it was possible for players to participate from a location from which they could not attack the wild peril.
    • The issue wherein the Avian Roost in Marjami Ravine would occasionally display incorrectly.
    • The issue wherein the Arboreal Bastion in Yorcia Weald would occasionally display incorrectly.
    • The issue wherein the Morimar Basalt Fields enemy Alpine Eft would occasionally not attack as intended.
    • The issue wherein enemies could attack players in the process of using the "Climbing" survival skill in the following areas.
      Sih Gates / Dho Gates
    • The issue wherein it was unintentionally difficult to stun the following Legion enemies.
      Lofty Zilan / Mired Hydra / Mired Alfard
    • The issue wherein geomancers could not allocate merit points to the enfeebling magic skill.
    • The issue wherein the help text for certain pieces of equipment contained errors.
    • The issue wherein the Coastal Fishing Net target in Mog Gardens would occasionally not appear.
    • The issue wherein the item Honed Tathlum erroneously had its item level displayed.
    • The issue wherein the graphics for the weapon Tamaxchi would display incorrectly when equipped by Hume females as a main weapon.
    • The issue wherein the Forefront Flute mistakenly contained the "String instrument skill" attribute.
    • The issue wherein item levels did not display for the following pieces of equipment.
      Huactzin Shield / Steadfast Shield / Killedar Shield / Killedar Shield +1 / Coalition Shield / Matamata Shield / Matamata Shield +1 / Butznar Shield / Butznar Shield +1
    • The issue wherein the "Sword enhancement spell damage +5" attribute would not function properly for the item Ghostfyre Cape.
    • The issue wherein players could not properly trade Maze Tabulae to Duplidoc in Lower Jeuno.
    • The issue wherein selecting to do nothing during the cutscene for Chocobo Raising would render the map unable to display and prevent players from moving.
    • The issue wherein the unsheathing motion for the weapon Tamaxchi would not display correctly for male Humes when equipped as a subweapon.
    • The issue wherein the time remaining until crops planted in Mog Garden furrows could be harvested would display as "0 minutes."
    • The issue with the Compact 2 keyboard size setting wherein shutting down the client or logging off PlayOnline before assigning keys to the Turn Right and Turn Left options and then logging back in would automatically set the key for Turn Right to E and the one for Turn Left to Q.
    • The issue wherein the NPC Chalvava's movements would occasionally display incorrectly during the quest "Flavors of Our Lives."
    • The issue wherein the message displayed upon completing the quests "Endeavoring to Awaken" and "Elementary, My Dear Sylvie" would read "Your maximum level has been raised to 75!" even for characters higher than level 75.
    • The issue wherein topographical effects would not display properly during cutscenes for the quest "Endeavoring to Awaken."
    • The issue wherein defeating enemies while they were under the effect of Pining Nocturn would not count toward completing objectives for Magian Trials that require monsters to be defeated while afflicted with a fire-based status ailment.
    • The issue wherein summoners could not heal if they brought their avatar into a town.
    • The issue with executing the macro "/attack(/a) on <stnpc>" wherein players would automatically unsheathe their weapon and face a nearby monster even when no subtarget was specified.
    • The issue wherein battle music would not play in Dho Gates.
    • The issue wherein the race of PCs searched for would display improperly under certain conditions.
    • The issue wherein it was possible to target a door that existed outside one's field of vision from a certain position in Lower Jeuno and Port Jeuno.
    • The issue with Campaign wherein the NPCs who issue Allied Tags would vanish under certain conditions.
    • The issue wherein rewards for completing "Provide" coalition assignments in Yorcia Weald and Marjami Ravine were of lesser value than ones obtained from completing similar assignments in Morimar Basalt Fields and Foret de Hennetiel.
    • The issue wherein entering the Celennia Memorial Library would remove the Couriers' Coalition's "Town Movement Speed Enhancement" service from players.
    • The issue wherein entering the Celennia Memorial Library would cause "container of frontier resources" key items to vanish.

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    Known Issues

    • Using attack-related spells or monster abilities after selecting oneself as the target of them makes one the subtarget. Furthermore, once a player removes himself as the subtarget, he cannot make himself the subtarget again.

    • The description for the Customization button that appears in the Feretory remains that of the Equipment button.

    • The names of Mog Garden key items "Grandiloquent Groves" and "All the Ways to Skin a Carp" overflow the text box.

    • The ability Primeval Zeal appears as Primordial Zeal in the merit point menu.

    • No text that indicates a certain enemy in one geomancer artifact quest uses special attacks appears.

    • A specific query that appears during the main scenario asks for players to input a number when it is not numerical information that is required.