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    Strategy Guides for New or Returning Players

    Hey Guys,

    My name is Daemon, Ive been playing FFXI since day 1, currently residing on the Phoenix server. I came to the forums one day inspired by someone who opened my eyes to the issue many players on every server new or returning are facing. It all began one day I was out roaming the map for the Notorious Monster Gargantua. With 2 more fight objectives for my Empyrean Sword Almace, I saw a Taru ninja running around the spawn area. After asking to join him I assumed he was working on his Kannagi for Blade:Hi Trial. After a few minutes passed I noticed he was fighting something so I ran over to see if the Trial NM popped. To my surprise he was fighting a T3 VNM. After wiping out he lost his T3 Key item, so I offered to pop his trial NM using my Key Item.

    His response was: "Why you wanna help me bro?"

    I answered: "Because I want to"

    And his reply was : Oh.... Usually no one wants to help."

    Saddened by this, I came here to meet people, read several topics from others and decided to write out some basic guides for New or Returning players who are lost and need direction.

    These 2 Guides are currently a work in progress, and by far from complete however I am adding new things when i have the time. Please forgive me if you do not see anything that you can benefit from the info I've written but to those who find value, please show some support and feel free to leave any comments, request for advice etc and thank you.

    Beginners Guide to FFXI

    Revelations Strategy Guide FFXI

    Thank you.

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    I would like to go ahead and suggest you put those guides on gamefaqs as the information you have is very current and the guides would most likely be a most welcome addition to their catalogs. These are well written and nicely detailed.