Below is a message from Producer Akihiko Matsui about future plans for reive adjustments.

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Matsui here.

During the July version update, we made adjustments to various areas so that Colonization Reives and Lair Reives could be undertaken solo or low-man.

Today I would like to go over some future adjustment plans for both Colonization Reives and Lair Reives.
  • Colonization Reives
    We are currently looking into lowering the HP of obstacles.

    While lowering the HP would make it slightly more difficult to collect Bayld, it will be possible to move around with small groups when doing quest or other content.

    As this is prioritizing ease of movement, we will not be making adjustments to the frequency in which reives spawn, but we plan on adding Bayld bonuses for completing reives.

    Also, due to the fact that completing Colonization Reives increases the colonization rate (they can also be avoided through the use of survival skills or bivouacs), we will also make it so progressing to deeper areas is more naturally tied to the colonization rate.

  • Lair Reives
    We will be making adjustments so that it is possible to get even more Bayld.

    Currently, the Lair Reives for a single area are all the same difficulty level.

    We will be adjusting this so the Lair Reives that are deeper within an area are stronger and also so it will be easier to obtain Bayld. We'd like to make it so depending on the situation you can select which reives you want to do.

    However, by only performing this adjustment, it would make it more difficult to go around and do multiple Lair Reives, so we will also be adjusting Lair Reives so they spawn more frequently.

    Also, when reives get filled up with people, the speed in which a single reive is finished becomes quite fast, so we will also be making adjustments such as increasing the evaluation points during battles.

This is just a simple explanation of our plans for reive adjustments.

The development team and QA teams are working hard to see if adjustments to even a couple areas can be made during the August version update based on the plans outlined above, and once I have some more information to share I will be sure to update you all. (We are currently planning for two areas: Morimar Basalt Fields and Foret de Hennetiel.)

Since feedback for Colonization Reives, Lair Reives, and Wildskeeper Reives seems to be getting all jumbled together, I’ve prepared separate threads where you can post your feedback:
I will continue to look over all of your feedback moving forward and will be doing my best to provide an enjoyable game for everyone.

Thank you very much.