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IMO there's nothing wrong with people duo and triple boxing, (unless they bot while they do it). if someone is able to actually pull it off and hit their ws while they heal a party or whatever well good for them. Why would anyone think dual boxing was bad, especially now when the population has declined so far that getting groups for anything is near impossible?
Well part of the issue to it is the fact that so many people go off and do things alone without a care in the world. I can go dualbox seals in Abyssea without a care for if my LS needs the seals I do not, why would I bother asking? Well, I personally would, but many would not, if anything they would fear the case they may get all of the seals they need and end up getting stuck there helping the others, or the may feel like the other person will slow them down in some form. It also goes to things like Mata, which are easily able to be duoed, when someone can dualbox it, it creates more congestion because a single person is doing it rather than two, which means that there is no chance of the WHM having to leave, or something similar, which would remove the party from the spot for some time.

There are both good and bad things to each side of it.