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    Shield Design Contest Winners!

    Thank you all so much for the amazing shield entries!
    After carefully reviewing each and every submission, the development and operations teams have picked the winning entries!

    The grand prize winner's entry will be added to the game in the August version update.

    Based on the design of the grand prize winner, we are planning to prepare 2 variations: one as a souvenir that can be equipped at level 1, and another usable as a practical piece of equipment with attributes befitting those who fight in the name of Altana.
    Please look forward to it!

    * We will be putting all of the entries up for display around the middle of July.
    * The winning prizes and participation prizes will be distributed after all of the entries are up for display.
    (However, the shield for the grand prize winner will be distributed after the August version update.)
    Gildrein - Community Team

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    Grand Prize Winner

    Name:  130705_01.jpg
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    Title Shield of Altana
    Designer Adam F.
    Comment from the Designer The Goddess's protection for warriors of light.
    Judge's Comment There were many entries in this contest that used Altana as a motif, but this was by far and away the most impressive.

    It is extremely well designed—so much so that it’s a surprise some Vana’dielian blacksmith hasn’t crafted it already.
    Gildrein - Community Team

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    Title Rainbow Shield
    Designer Cat-karikari
    Comment from the Designer I thought about doing a lot of different things, but decided keeping it simple would be best!(*'-')
    Judge's Comment This design is quite simple, yet fits incredibly well with the image of FINAL FANTASY XI. The fact that it was designed after Vana’diel’s eight elements makes it exceptionally easy to think of possible attributes for it.

    The concept behind this particular design is vastly different from that of the grand prize winner, but is still a wonderful piece that rivals it in every way.

    Name:  130705_03.jpg
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    Title Final Eternal Phoenix XI
    Designer Shiki
    Comment from the Designer I designed the layout and phoenix emblem (it's a bit small because it got squished T-T) based on the letters "FFXI."
    Judge's Comment There is no doubt that the "XI" on this shield symbolizes both FINAL FANTASY XI and the 11th Vana'versary. By changing the base color to blue or green, we could also create home nation-specific versions.

    The asymmetrical nature of the design is also very nice.
    Gildrein - Community Team