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    Abyssea - Attohwa Chasm

    Granted I have not spent a lot of time in Grauburg, but I have only encoutered the following glitches in Attohwa Chasm.

    Periodically you will recives a message wherein all of your enchantment effects, atma and visitant statule will wear off when it has not. Regardless of your time remaining. This is just superficial.

    The more problematic glitch is, when having capped azure light, ocassional chests will have minimal potentcy. I.e. An XP chest will only have 200 instead of 1200 or an item chest will have single items in it instead of multiple for everyone.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'll be happy to escalate your report to the developers for testing. However, they will need the following information for testing. While some information may seem unnecessary, it is needed to help reproduce the problem. Can you please fill out the template below? Thank you for understanding:

    Thread Title:
    Short outline explaining what sort of issue you are experiencing.

    Specify which platform was in use to play the game.("PlayStation2", Windows, and/or Xbox 360)

    Name of ISP you use to connect to the Internet.

    Type of Internet Connection:
    Specify the type of connection. (dial-up, DSL, CATV, Optic Fiber, Other)

    Internet Connection Speed:
    Specify the speed of internet connection. (Example: 768Kbit/s, 5Mbit/s)

    Date & Time:
    Date and time of when the issue occurred. Please be sure to state the time zone of your region. (Example: Pacific Time = PST/PDT)

    State how frequently the issue occurs. Please select from the following.
    1. Always
    2. Sometimes
    3. Once (did not reproduce)
    4. Unknown

    Character Name:
    Which character did the issue occur with?

    Race of your character when the issue occurred.
    (Hume M, Hume F, ElvaanM, ElvaanF, TarutaruM, TarutaruF, Galka, Mithra)

    World where the issue occurred.

    Main Job:
    Main job and level of your character when the issue occurred.

    Support Job:
    Support job of your character when the issue occurred.

    Area and Coordinates:
    Area and map coordinates where the issue occurred.

    Party or Solo:
    If you were solo when the issue occurred, please write "Solo". If you were in a party, please write "Party". With alliance, please write "Alliance."
    *If you wrote "Party" or "Alliance", please also include the number of members.

    NPC Name:
    Name of NPC that your character was interacting with when the issue occurred.
    *If you were not interacting with any NPC, then please write "None".

    Monster Name:
    Name of monster that your character was battling against when the issue occurred.
    *If you were not battling against any monster, then please write "None".

    Detailed steps on how the issue occurred.
    *Please try to include the following details.

    * What you were doing when the issue occurred. (Example: Battle, mission, quest, crafting, synthesis, etc.)
    * Please do your best to write using official terms for item names and skill/ability names. Please avoid any abbreviations or improper terms.
    * If you were using macro commands when the issue occurred, please include the details of the command.
    * In case the error message appeared when the issue occurred, please include what the message said.

    *In case you cannot post all of the information in a single post due to character limitations, please make multiple posts.

    In addition, can you please tell us which mobs you were fighting at the time this occurred? Thank you.