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    Beastmaster Pet Bugged?

    Platform: Windows XP
    ISP: BT
    Type of Internet Connection: ADSL
    Internet Connection Speed: 3mb
    Date & Time: 03/06/2013 - 22:15pm GMT+1
    Frequency: Twice
    Character Name: Calibra
    Race: Hume
    World: Asura
    Main Job: Beastmaster
    Support Job: Ninja
    Area and Coordinates: Abyssea Grauberg - (J-11)
    Party or Solo: Party of 2
    NPC Name: None
    Monster Name: None
    1. Had finished killing notorious monster Fleshflayer Killakriq, my pet FaithfulFalcorr immediately ran off out of sight.

    2. 2 minutes after pet ran off we got a message that we had received experience and cruor.

    3. Faithful Falcorr then returned to me with a Goblin Meatgrinder following which was at 1 percent HP, there was no other goblins close to us or aggro'd us while we were killing the notorious monster or immediately after as we were beside conflux 3 throughout the whole fight.

    4. This is the second time we have experienced this in the last week, it happened in Abyssea La Theine with DipperYuly a few days ago too.

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    Greetings Calibra!

    Thank you for your assistance with writing a report for us, it is appreciated! I will go ahead and submit this concern to be reviewed for you! Since there is no guarantee that an official response will be posted on this thread, I suggest keeping an eye on the website and for any news on this matter.

    Thank you again for your assistance and apologies for any inconvenience!

    -=Game Master Emdub=-