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    New Player looking for Linkshell/Party

    Hi Folks,

    I've been playing the Final Fantasy series since the original on 8 bit NES, but I skipped over 11 because at the time MMO's didnt appeal to me. Having spent the last 8 years or so heavily involved in World of Warcraft, I decided I would finally give this game a shot.

    I've worked my way to level 15 and Im realizing I can't get much farther alone, so I figure it's time to start reaching out to the community and look for a guild, or a Linkshell if I'm understanding the terminology correctly.

    I have been involved in hardcore progression-minded raiding guilds in World of Warcraft, and have served as A Guild Master, Raid Leader, Main Tank, Main Healer, and DPS. I understand the concepts well from a basic MMO context, but I still have minimal understanding of the actual mechanics of FFXI. I intend to make this toon a Summoner with White Mage as the support job, but would be willing to consider leveling additional jobs as needed once my understanding of the game is solidified.

    When it comes to MMO's my mindset has always been to progress as far as possible as quickly as possible WITHOUT sacrificing real world goals and objectives, and I'm looking for a group of players that shares that sentiment. I have a 2 year old daughter, a Wife, and a 9 - 5 Job, none of which I am willing to sacrifice in order to press buttons better to win digital treasure. Within that context however, I am a team oriented player and will most times put the interests of the group before those of my individual character.

    My Play time will mostly be between the hours of 7:30 PM and 11 PM EST on Weekdays, and occasional weekend time as well. My interest is moreso PVE than PVP, and I'm interested in seeing as much of the story line of the game as realistically possible.

    If you're looking for players that meet the above description please feel free to look me up in-game (its unlikely I will check back on this forum very often). Toon name is Dobikodabi (and I'm really hoping there's a namingway somewhere in Vanadiel....I took the default generated name and am starting to regret it).

    Hope to see some of you in game!
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