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    If you honestly think the majority of Hak fishers aren't using bots, I feel sorry for how naive you are.

    Quote Originally Posted by Direct View Post
    So much crap in this thread its making my head spin. You really don't catch 200 haks a day so no one is making 2 mil per char a day. Moving onto the bait the prices are almost all the time maxed out on quetz so people are spending hours collecting bait or crafting it, eitherway both cost money to do and if people are buying bait it takes the money directlty out of the game.

    It's not just like anyone can come and catch these fish first you need high level fishing and then a ebisu rod, and why is it anytime someone is fishing you always get the fool who says there botting straight away regardless of what fish it is from a bastore sardine to a hakuryu the same tired old accusation, fishing is a part of the game get over it.

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    Hello folks,

    I have been watching this thread and feel it may be a good time to lock and close the discussion.

    I will let you know that the GM team is reviewing our procedures for reviewing for Third Party Program Use and Absentee Play, both of which are violations, though normally addressed by the Special Task Force.

    I do understand why folks feel the GMs should be more involved as we can be a bit more hands on and you can get a direct reply from someone, not submit the names to some email list where you do not know what goes on. Your voice is being heard, but the wheels do take a bit to get going.

    Thank you, again, for your honest feedback.

    -Senior Game Master Jhanaka

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