Hello, i'm Aly Tomoe... Well that was my FFXIV name, in FFXI it's Cyberaly, which I know isn't a very Final Fantasy-ish name, but I was younger when I made the character! As far as I can remember, I made him in 2007.

I've been playing FFXIV for the last two years and thus I haven't been playing FFXI at all. I decided to rejoin the game after one of my real life friends showed interest in giving it a go. I've been playing for about a week since returning and the game is even more fun than I remember it, nobody makes MMOs like this anymore. The primary draw, I suppose, is that this game's world feels fully realized and absorbing. I actually care about what NPCs have to say.

Anyway, i'm from the UK so I speak english, and i'm looking for a linkshell which isn't adverse to conversation. I'm not particularly high level or high achieving, as in i'm happy to do any old quest as long as i'm having fun. Being the best isn't of any real interest to me, so a linkshell that's only after the very best players with the very best gear, I wouldn't be well suited to. I also tend to prioritize real life over the game, but real life rarely has anything to say to me so i'm playing quite a lot right now.

I just need people to talk to and people to organize parties or help-for-quests with. And of course I wouldn't be stingy with the helping of others either.

Thanks in advance if you know of a shell which may be relevant!