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    Random resub to the game.

    It's been... I dunno, forever?

    Saw the game's "Ultimate Collection" go on sale via Steam for 10$ and figured what the hell, might be a well spent amount to see how XI's been.

    I played back when Fafnir was a big deal, and people still used airships. Not sure what's been up since then, I'm confident I was the only idiot using airships though, 3 trips and I didn't see a soul but me around... lol.

    Anyways, is anyone from original Garuda still around? I noticed "Divertir/DiVertissant" is still around as my Linkshell is still in my inventory unbroken, and people are in it, however I don't know anyone in it and most seemed AFK, nor have I seen Pyotale or anyone I know aside from Akrr.

    My original character name I think was Siefer. But if anyone's still around and has an active LS, casual or otherwise, I may be interested in playing again with perhaps. Probably not as hardcore as I use to, but you never know.

    Just thought I'd say hi to anyone I know that still plays, regardless. See you around, maybe^^;

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    Welcome back.

    Many former Garudians are still around but a small percentage had to change their names. A few, like the former Wooooodum, forced a name change.

    You probably know more current players than you think.