The Community Team and Culinarian Guild alike gives thanks to all who risked their lives to bring back a tasty beast for our delicious feast!

We were quite pleased to see the variety of different monsters turned in and we certainly did not expect to be trying out adventurer meat!

It's been said before, but the final decision was a difficult one! However, after a thorough digesting, the top three were finally decided:

Toadie with a Suzaku Special!

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Greetings! I am Toadie, a mere “jack of all trades” that loves to cook and leader of Team Toad. My journey begins with my fellow members: Uloulo, the brilliant Scholar, and Lupa, the graceful Dancer. It was up to me to provide the main dish for the grandest feast of this year’s holiday. Only the finest and greatest food ever seen should grace the table for this feast. No feast was too grand to hunt down a mighty beast for the main dish. After much discussion, debate, and deliberation, I concluded that a Thanksgiving feast is nothing without a massive roasted divine bird, Suzaku!

Nivinyraal bringing in the Vana'dielian Turducken!

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My Links Thanksgiving dinner would first start with appetizers: Flint Caviar on Goblin Crackers, Meat Chiefkabobs, and Herbed Crawler Eggs.

For the main course, I decided to go with a tur-duck-en style dish (small bird inside medium bird inside large bird) made from rare locally raised birds and ingredients sourced from the best stock Vanadiel has to offer.

...and last but not least Raseleanne with her Paralyze Surprise!

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The most important thing when planning a feast is choosing a main dish that will satisfy a large number of people. The Culinarian's Guild in Windurst has a great selection of officially sanctioned recipes for one's perusal, but sometimes you just want to try something different! For that, the Optistery is the best place to find unusual research into gustatory experiments. It's not all just dusty tomes on the arcane arts!

Thank you for all the splendid submissions, and don't forget to stop by our contest forums to get a taste of everyone's dishes!

*Winners will be contacted in-game by a GM when they are online and available to receive their Rolanberry Delightaru item.
**Athena Orbs will be sent to all contest participants by the M.H.M.U.