The job abilities below have been adjusted in the following ways:
  • Summoner
    • Alexander's Perfect Defense
      • Effect duration will be reduced from ninety seconds to thirty seconds plus an additional second for every twenty points of one's summoning magic skill. For example, with a summoning magic skill value of 600, the ability's effect duration would be a maximum of sixty seconds (the base thirty seconds plus thirty more seconds for one's skill value).
  • Scholar
    • Embrava (castable only while Tabula Rasa is in effect)
      • Effect duration will be reduced from five minutes to ninety seconds.
      • Haste potency will increase by 1% for every twenty points of one's enhancing magic skill instead of for every fifteen points. Therefore, an enhancing magic skill value of 500 will increase the potency of haste by a maximum of 25%
      • Embrava will grant the effect of Refresh instead of Regain. The value of the effect, however, will remain the same.

Modifications will be made to the following battle systems to accommodate the above job ability adjustments.
  • Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey
    • The number of astraria needed to exchange for equipment has been lowered from twenty-five to five.
      *The number of astraria already in one's possession will be adjusted in the following manner: (Updated November 9, 2012)


    • The largest amount of floors one may randomly teleport will be increased from nine to eleven. (Added November 9, 2012)
    • The objective “activate all lamps” will receive the following adjustments: (Added November 9, 2012)
      • The waiting period between when simultaneously activated lamps deactivate and can be reexamined will be reduced from thirty seconds to fifteen.
      • The amount of time players must wait before learning if they correctly activated lamps in the specified order will be reduced from twelve seconds to seven.

  • Legion
    • Enemies' HP will be reduced by ten percent.
  • Einherjar
    • The enemy Odin that appears in Odin's Chamber II will have its HP reduced by ten to fifteen percent.

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