• The following bard songs have been changed from affecting a single target party member to affecting all party members in an area of effect centered on the caster, and their casting time has been changed from four to eight seconds.
    Enchanting Etude / Spirited Etude / Learned Etude / Quick Etude /
    Vivacious Etude / Dextrous Etude / Sinewy Etude / Bewitching Etude /
    Logical Etude / Sage Etude / Swift Etude / Vital Etude /
    Uncanny Etude / Herculean Etude / Hunter’s Prelude / Archer’s Prelude /
    Foe Sirvente / Adventurer’s Dirge
  • The job ability “Pianissimo” will undergo the following adjustments.
    • An additional effect that halves the casting time of the next song will be added.
    • The level at which this ability is learned will be decreased from forty-five to twenty.

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