• New special job abilities will be introduced.
    * These special abilities will not share the same recast time as previous ones.
JobAbility NameEffectEffect Duration
WarriorWAR SP 2Grants a 100% chance of activating Double Attack.60 sec
MonkMNK SP 2Doubles your maximum HP and recovers health equal to this amount at the time of casting.30 sec
White MageAsylumGrants a powerful resistance to enfeebling magic and Dispel.30 sec
Black MageSubtle SorceryDecreases enmity generated by magic and increases magic accuracy.60 sec
Red MageRDM SP 2Increases the accuracy of your next enfeebling magic spell cast. Effect expires when either 60 seconds pass or an enfeebling magic spell is cast successfully.
60 sec
ThiefTHF SP 2Steals one beneficial effect currently on an enemy, including previous special job ability effects.
In the event there are no beneficial effects on the target, the ability will miss and be considered cast.
(Added November 22, 2012)
PaladinPLD SP 2Damages enemies with your shield and drastically lowers their melee attack power and accuracy.
(Added November 22, 2012)
Dark KnightSoul EnslavementAuto-attacks absorb target's TP.30 sec
BeastmasterBST SP 2Increases the likelihood of charming enemies and eliminates the recast time for Call Beast. When either Charm or Call Beast is used, the charmed monster/called pet will have 300 TP and there will be no ability delays for either Sic or Ready.
(Added November 22, 2012)
60 sec
BardBRD SP 2Allows an additional song to be cast on party members. 180 sec
RangerRNG SP 2Halves the delay on ranged weapons.
Grants a 100% chance of activating Double Shot and Triple Shot.
60 sec
SamuraiYaegasumiEvades all special attacks that deal physical or magic damage.
Enhances the potency of your next weapon skill every time you evade a special attack.
45 sec
NinjaNIN SP 2Increases your number of auto-attacks based on the number of your shadow images.30 sec
DragoonDRG SP 2Eliminates the recast time of jump abilities.30 sec
SummonerAstral ConduitEliminates recast times for Blood Pacts and fully restores MP upon activation.30 sec
Blue MageUnbridled WisdomAllows unlimited casting of blue magic spells that use Unbridled Learning.
Additionally, Unbridled Learning will have no recast time.
60 sec
CorsairCOR SP 2Reduces the recast time of party members' special job abilities, excluding yours, based on the number rolled. Instantaneous
PuppetmasterHeady ArtificeAllows automatons to use a special ability that varies by head.
Harlequin Head: Mighty Strikes
Valoredge Head: Invisible
Sharpshot Head: Eagle Eye Shot
Stormwaker Head: Chainspell
Soulsoother Head: Benediction (will only affect the automaton and members of its master's party)
Spiritreaver Head: Manafont
Mighty Strikes: 45 sec
Invisible: 30 sec
Eagle Eye Shot: Instantaneous
Chainspell: 60 sec
Benediction: Instantaneous
Manafont: 60 sec
DancerGrand PasGives five finishing moves, resets flourish recast timers, and eliminates the cost of finishing moves. Effect ends either when its duration expires or is used three times.30 sec
ScholarCaper EmissariusTransfers the whole party's enmity to a party member of your choice.Instantaneous

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