The FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server concluded its initial testing phase on June 14th at 14:00 (PDT) and 21:00 (GMT).
We would like to thank all players who participated in testing and offered valuable feedback.

Once the schedule for the next test phase has been finalized, it will be announced in the "Information (Test Server)" forum.

Players interested in participating should note the following details:

  • Even if you participated in the previous test phase, you will be required to submit a new application via the FINAL FANTASY XI Test Server Application Form.
  • Your character data will be deleted from the test server at the end of each testing phase. Your most recent character data from FINAL FANTASY XI will then be copied over to the test server anew once your application for the next phase has been processed.
  • Your installed copy of the FINAL FANTASY XI Test Client will remain usable for the next testing phase. Users who have uninstalled the client will be able to download it again once their applications have been processed.