• [dev1000] Dynamis Reborn!
    Various aspects of Dynamis will be overhauled in the next major version update and beyond.
    • Applicable Areas:
      Dynamis - San d'Oria / Dynamis - Bastok / Dynamis - Windurst /
      Dynamis - Jeuno / Dynamis - Beaucedine / Dynamis - Xarcabard
    • Adjustments:
      • Reservations will no longer be required to enter the above areas.
      • New key items will replace the "Timeless Hourglass" and "Perpetual Hourglass" items needed for entry.
        • The key items need only be obtained once.
        • It will be made available at an affordable price via the Goblin NPCs presently dealing in hourglasses.
      • Time restriction for entry will be changed to once per Earth day.
        • Duration of stay will be initially set at 60 minutes, extendable to a maximum of 120 minutes.
          *Leaving the area will render you ineligible for reentry, regardless of time remaining.
        • Time extensions will be granted via key items obtainable by defeating certain monsters.
          *Only one of each individual key item may be possessed at a given time.
          *These key items will be lost upon leaving the area.
      • Monster distribution will receive drastic revisions.
      • Standard monsters will respawn at set time intervals after being defeated.
      • Monster groups will each be assigned a specific home territory. Enemies lured outside these designated regions and disengaged will disappear, then respawn back in their home territory after a short time.
      • Trigger items will be introduced as a new spawn condition for certain notorious monsters (NMs).
        • Battling attestation- and fragment-yielding NMs:
          • The format will change to standard battles in which a maximum of 18 players face a single foe.
          • These NMs will no longer use Warp.
        • Battling boss NMs:
          • Battles will be conducted in Confrontation format, with a maximum of 18 players able to participate.
            *Confrontation: A unique battle format in which the combatants are isolated from all non-alliance players and monsters for the duration of the battle.
          • Key items obtained from boss monsters will be awarded to all alliance members.
      • Monster claim and item drops will work the same way as in regular fields and dungeons.
      • Monsters will yield experience points (excluding certain NMs).
      • Treasure:
        • There are no plans to change the drop rate of Relic equipment.
        • Along with the reduction of the entry time restriction, the amount of Ancient Currency earned per session will be lowered. Overall, this change should increase the Ancient Currency distributed across the World.

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