We received an overwhelming number of entries and we're not ashamed to say that it took the Community Team quite a bit of discussion to select the winners because so many of them were exceptional!

After a round-table meeting, we have deemed the below entries would be accepted by the Moogles and shall therefore be inscribed into the Moogle's Law Handbook.

Without further ado, the winners of the Moogle's Law Contest (in no particular order):
  • Name: Amael
  • Moogle's Law: “The chance of Misstargeting a Tell is directly proportional to how embarrassing/private/personal the Tell is.”

  • Name: Jinne
  • Moogle's Law: “That lovely lady adventurer you've been consorting with, spending your hard-earned Gil on and devoting your time to, turns out not to be a lady at all... Oh my!”

  • Name: Hakkuro
  • Moogle's Law: “The sacrifice of Tarutaru Black Mages is directly proportional to the drop rate of Relic Armor. The drop rate is further increased if these brave Tarutarus /panic and
    /dance before their eventual demise at the hands of a well-timed Firaga III.”

Congratulations! We hope you all had as much fun with the Moogle's Law contest as we did!