In FFXI, the game we all love to play, there's basically 6 ways to handle a battle:

Blink it
Hold it
Kite it
Manaburn it
Zerg it
Sic pets on it

In general, difficult NMs are designed to be difficult by programming them to use wide-radius AOE damage TP moves and/or spells. More recently, (and I think this is kinda cheap/lame) NMs have been granted ability to insta-death, inflict temporary "weakness" effect, doom, potent curses, amnesia, and mute.

Generally, this leads to groups tending to favor the Kite, Manaburn, Zerg, and Sic pets strategies for most battles. While I do enjoy these type of strategies, I was wondering if any attempts will be made for future content that will require actual tanking and real mana-management and coordination/balance/skill from the healers/support. Whether it's Abyssea Auto-Refresh Atma, or Atmacites and spamming Temporary Elixir/Ether/Mists Items to recover MP in Voidwatch ... there just isn't as much strategy involved in supporting/tanking anymore. It's just cast Cure V on the tank as often as possible, with an occasional status removal and Haste cycling (I'm exaggerating; there is more to playing WHM, for example, than just this).

I'm not complaining ... I'm just curious to know if future content will encourage new (or old) different battle tactics for success.